Timm triumphs in Fall Festival finale
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October 10, 2009  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. - Day two of the Fall Festival proved to be even colder than the first night with a harsh wind directly blowing right into the grandstands, but many fans braved the weather to usher out the season at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

All new winners graced victory lane, including track promoter Bob Timm finally got to the winner’s circle after taking runner-up honors more than a handful of times this season.

John Doelle sat outside of Timm in the front row of the 25-lap USRA Modified main event. Josh Angst quickly challenged Timm for the lead as did Jason Cummins while Luke Schilling rode his way into fourth as Steve Wetzstein flew by Doelle into fifth place. Joey Jensen was also on the move as he darted from tenth place into sixth.

A caution closed Timm back up to the pack as the race went back to green. Four-wide racing through turn four released the cars down the front stretch dropping to only three-wide racing through turn one. Cummins then grabbed second place from Angst while Wetzstein looked to the inside of Angst for third but could not make the pass.

Caution two again reorganized the field with Timm still on the point followed by Cummins, Angst, Jensen and Wetzstein. Cummins continued to try to steal the lead from Timm when Keith Tourville popped into the top five from nowhere.

As the top three of Timm, Cummins and Tourville tried to stuff themselves into turn four, a caution for other spun cars tamed the field.

With 13 laps to go, Tourville got into Timm and spun him and also collected other cars. Tourville’s great run slowed as he headed to the tail for the restart.

Timm charged high as Cummins looked to the inside for the lead, but again, Timm closed the door. Angst continued his strong run in third while being pursued by Jensen and Wetzstein.

With four to go, the final caution set the field up for the dash to the finish. Timm was able to keep his composure while being hotly pursued by Angst. Timm sealed his season with a win - his first of the season. Angst finished a solid second while Jensen took over third from Cummins in turn four just before the checkered flag. Wetzstein rounded out the top five.

The inaugural season for Mississippi Thunder Speedway is now a thing of the past. Great improvements are ahead for the speedway. Thank you to all drivers, fans, sponsors, workers and volunteers and anyone else who helped keep racing alive in Fountain City. The 2009 banquet will be held Saturday, Dec. 12, at the Riverport Inn and Suites in Winona, Minn. Contact the speedway or watch for information on the track website. Have a great winter, and see you all in the Spring!

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009


"A" Main: Bob Timm, Josh Angst, Joey Jensen, Jason Cummins, Steve Wetzstein, Adam Stockhausen, Keith Tourville, Kent Baxter, Doug Hillson, Hank Rollinger Jr., Greg Jensen, Steve Lavasseur, John Doelle, Craig Scott, Luke Schilling, Josh Mattick, Don Paddock, Dan Bohr, Robby Bunkelman, Andy Bohnstengel, Lance Hofer, Jeff Rollinger, Ben Mattick, Don Eischens.

"B" Main: Scott, J. Mattick, J. Rollinger, Baxter, Bryan Hessler, Kevin Roigers, Kerry Ledebuhr, Dustin Nelson, Brian Albrecht, Jim King, Larry Prochnow.

Heat #1: Tourville, Jensen, Schilling, Hillson, Bunkelman, Scott, J. Rollinger, Baxter.

Heat #2: Angst, Wetzstein, Timm, Jensen, Paddock, King, Albrecht, Prochnow.

Heat #3: B. Mattick, Eischens, Stockhausen, Lavasseur, Bohnstengel, J. Mattick, Roigers, Nelson.

Heat #4: Bohr, Cummins, Doelle, Hofer, H. Rollinger, Hessler, Ledebuhr.

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