Kanz sweeps, Bohnstengel claims first win at Mississippi Thunder Speedway
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August 6, 2010  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. - USRA Modifieds ran a one-caution feature event on Blaeser Law Night at Mississippi Thunder, but the same could definitely not be said for the other classes.

Winona Radio Driver of the Week was USRA RHS Modified young gun Lance Hofer.

Hofer has been running strong amongst the top contenders all season.

Troy Langowski and Jack Baehman set the pace in the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mod feature.

Brandon Hare was all over Langowski right away while Erik Kanz and Ben Anderson jumped into third and fourth places.

The top four of Langowski, Hare, Kanz and Anderson broke away from the rest of the pack and left Tyler Creeley in fifth place to lead the rest of the field.

Kanz made the move around Langowski early on for the lead while Hare followed in third.

Anderson gained on Hare and the two ran dead even at the line.

A caution for Baehman’s car hard into the backstretch reset the field after one of nine cautions in the race.

Kanz was able to hold his composure through it all and hit victory lane for his second win of the season.

Jake Timm, Parker Hale, Tyler Creeley and Chad Kosidowski rounded out the top-5 as they sailed through the melees and survived attrition.

USRA RHS Modified feature action had Bob Fort lead the pack along side of Andy Bohnstengel.

Chris Gilbertson raced in third ahead of Ron Konkel, Lucas Schott and Jay Ihrke.

Schott quickly made a run for third with Gilbertson but Gilbertson pulled away.

Bohnstengel and Fort played cat and mouse for the lead for the duration of the race.

Bohnstengel worked the low groove while Fort sailed around the high side.

With 12 laps down, Bohnstengel pulled to a two-car lead over Fort.

Schott managed to get around Gilbertson to take over third place.

The solo caution with 15 laps down set the field back up for the final countdown with Bohnstengel, Schott, Fort, Gilberston and Konkel at the top.

Again Fort and Bohnstengel charmed the crowd as the two continuously traded the lead.

Schott was able to break away from Konkel and Gilbertson into third place on his own.

Bohnstengel finally got ahead of Fort as Schott ignited his quest for second place with Fort.

For the last five laps, Schott and Fort raced side by side for second place.

Bohnstengel was able to notch his first feature win this season ahead of a very solid run by Schott.

Fort, Konkel and Ihrke completed the top-5.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Friday, August 6, 2010


Feature: 1. Erik Kanz, 2. Jake Timm, 3. Parker Hale, 4. Tyler Creeley, 5. Chad Kosidowski, 6. Barry Johnson, 7. Brandon Reutzel, 8. Jacob Bleess, 9. Austin Schrage, 10. Troy Langowski, 11. Brian Schrage, 12. Ben Anderson, 13. Brandon Hare, 14. Shaun Walski, 15. Kylie Kath, 16. Jack Baehman, 17. Josh Gessell, 18. Ed Appel.

Heat #1: 1. Kath, 2. B. Schrage, 3. Creeley, 4. Baehman, 5. Johnson, 6. A. Schrage, 7. Appel.

Heat #2: 1. Walski, 2. Bleess, 3. Timm, 4. Gesell, 5. Kosidowski.

Heat #3: 1. Kanz, 2. Anderson, 3. Hare, 4. Langowski, 5. Hale, 6. Reutzel.


Feature: 1. Andy Bohnstengel, 2. Lucas Schott, 3. Bob Fort, 4. Ron Konkel, 5. Jay Ihrke, 6. Chris Gilbertson, 7. Ron Schreiner, 8. Josh Angst, 9. John Doelle, 10. Adam Stockhausen, 11. Cory Williams, 12. Les Duellman, 13. Lance Hofer, 14. Leroy Scharkey, 15. Bryan Hessler, 16. Brian Albrecht, 17. Randy Jonsgaard, 18. Robby Johnson, 19. Phil Wernert.

Heat #1: 1. Angst, 2. Stockhausen, 3. Fort, 4. Hofer, 5. Bohnstengel, 6. Duellman, 7. Albrecht, 8. Wernert, 9. Johnson, 10. Jonsgaard.

Heat #2: 1. Konkel, 2. Schott, 3. Doelle, 4. Gilbertson, 5. Ihrke, 6. Schreiner, 7. Williams, 8. Hessler, 9. Scharkey.

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