Cummins completes ‘hat trick’ at Chateau Raceway
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August 20, 2010  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. - After getting stormed out last Friday, glorious sunny skies greeted racers and fans alike at the Chateau Raceway. The races this week were sponsored by JD Auto Body & Custom Golf Carts of Albert Lea. Tonight was also the Box Car Nationals for the kids that was held at intermission. Kids competed in their boxcars decorated like their favorite racers as they ran three laps around the track set up on the infield.

For a while it looked like Todd Scharkey would dominate the USRA RHS Modified feauture. Scharkey took the lead of the initial start, but James Parker spun in turn three and collected over half the field in the incident.

On the second attempt at the start, Greg Jensen snapped up the lead but Scharkey zoomed past on lap two. Scharkey then opened up a huge lead and cruised out front. But, track point leader Jason Cummins was on the prowl.

Cummins worked his way into the top five on lap five. Back up front, Jacob Dahle slipped by Jensen for second and then Josh Mattick got by Jensen for third on lap seven. Cummins then shot past Jensen for fourth on lap nine.

Cummins then slipped past Mattick for third on lap ten and then went after Dahle. Cummins used the low groove to get past Dahle on lap fifteen for second. Scharkey was a half straightaway ahead of Cummins at that point with ten to go.

Cummins then went to the top of the speedway and slowly reeled in the leader. Cummins got close with five to go, but jumped the cushion just a tad and allowed Scharkey to gain some ground. Cummins gathered his car back up and again pulled close.

With three laps to go, Cummins was right on Scharkey. With two to go, Cummins dove to the low side of the track, while Scharkey remained on the top. Cummins wheeled door-to-door with Scharkey in turns one and two on the final lap.

Cummins again dove low in turn three and drove alongside Scharkey. When Chris Toot’s double checkered flags waved in the air, Cummins got the drive off of turn four. The duo charged towards the finish line and Cummins edged Scharkey by a door to win his fifth feature and third in a row.

Dahle finished in the third spot with Mattick and Jensen in the top five.

Next Friday, Aug. 27, will be the reschedule date for the Corn Belt Clash Late Model Series. Also racing will be the USRA RHS Modifieds, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Pure Stocks. It will be the final night for track points in the Modifieds and Midwest Modifieds.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, August 20, 2010


Feature: 1. Jason Cummins, New Richland; 2. Todd Scharkey, Kasson; 3. Jacob Dahle, Morristown; 4. Josh Mattick, Austin; 5. Greg Jensen, Albert Lea; 6. A.J. Wiste, Adams; 7. Brian Shaw, Brownsdale; 8. Dustin Steinbrink, Austin; 9. Jeremy Misgen, Ellendale; 10. Greg Mattick, Hayfield; 11. Wally Bustad, Austin; 12. James Parker, Dodge Center.

Heat Winners: Dahle, Mattick.

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