Angst puts exclamation point on track championship with win at Fountain City
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August 27, 2010  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. - In a sea of yellow, track champions were crowned and first-time feature winners were abundant. Presented by Sugarloaf Ford of Winona, the final night for track points proved to be colorful with cautions and red flags.

Youngsters Brandon Reutzel and Parker Hale set the pace in the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mod feature. Ben Anderson quickly set up shop in second place while Shaun Walski zipped under Hale for third. Tyler Creeley worked to the outside of Hale for fourth place. Anderson took no time at all to dip under Reutzel for the lead as Troy Langowski swiftly moved around several cars into third by lap three. Erik Kanz also made big gains and took third from Langowski. Walski shot under Anderson for the lead and shortly after, the first caution slowed the field. Anderson then attempted to take Walski on the high side for the lead, but Walski held his ground. The two raced side by side for several laps for the lead as Langowski shot low under Kanz for third place, but Kanz got the spot back. Anderson and Walski continued to battle for the lead throughout two more cautions. Kanz really stepped things up as he took advantage of Anderson’s slipup to take over second place. Walski topped the field of USRA B-Mods followed by a great run by Kanz. Anderson, Brandon Hare, and Langowski rounded out the top five.

The USRA RHS Modified feature was not exempt from a first-lap caution either. A second try at the start shot Jay Ihrke to the lead ahead of rookie Lucas Schott, Andy Bohnstengel, and Bob Fort as the three raced three-wide for second place. Fort took second place, but Bohnstengel maintained the middle groove while Schott settled in the low groove. Josh Angst moved to fifth place when Fort dropped off the pace creating another caution. Ihrke led the restart with Bohnstengel, Schott, and Angst following. With five laps down, Schott dropped under Ihrke for the lead. Angst moved to third followed by Bohnstengel and Chris Gilbertson. Schott pulled away from the field, but a caution made him relinquish his lead. With eight laps down, Schott pulled the pack on the restart followed by Ihrke, Angst, Bohnstengel, and Gilbertson. Angst maneuvered past Ihrke for second and by lap 10 took the lead from Schott. Schott kept his foot in it and stayed tethered to Angst in second. At lap 18, Schott pulled within a car length of Angst and continued to inch closer and closer to attempt a lead change. Angst proved to be the master of the Mods and grabbed the win to coincide with his track championship. Schott made the field well aware of his capabilities as he topped his best show yet with a second place finish to follow up his heat win. Ihrke, Gilbertson, and Bohnstengel rounded out the top five.

Up next will be the first annual USRA Modified Nationals in a $10,000-to-win show for the USRA RHS Modifieds on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 10-11. Also competing during the event will be the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods. The Fall Festival will finish the season Oct. 8–9 with all regular classes competing in the event.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Friday, August 27, 2010


Feature: 1. Shaun Walski, 2. Erik Kanz, 3. Ben Anderson, 4. Brandon Hare, 5. Troy Langowski, 6. Jake Timm, 7. Chad Kosidowski, 8. Tyler Creeley, 9. Brandon Reutzel, 10. Jack Baehman, 11. Austin Schrage, 12. Barry Johnson, 13. Parker Hale, 14. Patrick McCarthy.

Heat #1: 1. Anderson, 2. Timm, 3. Walski, 4. Langowski, 5. Creeley, 6. Kosidowski, 7. Johnson.

Heat #2: 1. Kanz, 2. Hare, 3. Hale, 4. Baehman, 5. Reutzel, 6. Schrage, 7. McCarthy.


Feature: 1. Josh Angst, 2. Lucas Schott, 3. Jay Ihrke, 4. Chris Gilbertson, 5. Andy Bohnstengel, 6. Steve Lavasseur, 7. Ryan York, 8. Bob Timm, 9. John Doelle, 10. Dan Bohr, 11. Leroy Scharkey, 12. Adam Stockhausen, 13. Steve Speltz, 14. Bryan Hessler, 15. Bob Fort, 16. Phil Wernert, 17. Gary Doelle, 18. Randy Jonsgaard, 19. Lance Hofer, 20. Ron Konkel, 21. Hank Rollinger Jr., 22. Les Duellman.

Heat #1: 1. Schott, 2. Ihrke, 3. Stockhausen, 4. Fort, 5. Hofer, 6. Konkel, 7. Hessler, 8. G. Doelle.

Heat #2: 1. Gilbertson, 2. Duellman, 3. Timm, 4. Lavasseur, 5. York, 6. Speltz, 7. Wernert.

Heat #3: 1. J. Doelle, 2. Bohnstengel, 3. Bohr, 4. Angst, 5. Rollinger, 6. Scharkey, 7. Jonsgaard.

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