Cummins, Hovey snag Fall Festival honors
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October 9, 2010  |  by Tracy Hager

A one-caution main event for the USRA RHS Modifieds capped the night and Jason Cummins copped the win. FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. - The Mississippi Thunder Speedway hosted day 2 of the Fall Festival on Saturday with a lot of action in all classes to wrap up the 2010 season at Bob Timm's speedplant in Fountain City, Wis.

USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mod feature action had Decorah’s Troy Hovey on the pole with Jacob Bleess outside. Jake Timm ran third while Ben Anderson sliced through multiple cars into fourth place early. Anderson then took on Timm for third. Hovey gave himself a good lead over Anderson when a caution for cars in the turn one wall slowed the pack. Hovey again set himself apart from the rest. Anderson stayed ahead of Jeremy Smith and Greg Mitchell as the two battled close for third place. With 15 laps down, a second caution reeled Hovey back in to the pack, but it did not matter. Hovey secured the win a good distance ahead of the rest of the field. Anderson grabbed second place followed by Mitchell, Smith, and Troy Langowski.

Lapped traffic in the USRA Modifieds made the lead changes very interesting for their feature.

A one-caution main event for the USRA RHS Modifieds capped the night and season as Steve Wetzstein hopped to the lead over Jason Cummins. Mark Noble and Bob Timm raced side by side for third when the only caution realigned the field. Wetzstein took the point as Noble chose the bottom groove opposite Cummins. Darrin Walch drifted from fifth place back to seventh which allowed Ben Mattick and Kevin Viebrock into the top five. Mattick, Viebrock, Walch, and Les Duellman raced close for fifth while Wetzsten continued the lead up front. Cummins picked up his game and shot into a great battle for the lead with Wetzsten. Although Wetzstein held his ground, Cummins continued to be a threat. By lap 14, Cummins got the lead away from Wetzstein. Cummins became entwined in lap traffic but continued to slice his way through the field. Wetzstein regained the lead on lap 27 as the two gave the crowd a late-race surge of excitement. On lap 29, Cummins took the lead back and headed on to win the finale. Wetzstein finished second ahead of Noble, Timm, and Mattick.

The 2010 season is now complete. Congratulations to all drivers for their efforts no matter how big or small. Thanks to the fans for the support of their tracks and drivers, and thanks to the sponsors who help make it all possible. Enjoy the off-season, and stay tuned to for news on the banquet and 2011 season.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Saturday, October 9, 2010


Feature – Troy Hovey, Ben Anderson, Greg Mitchell, Jeremy Smith, Troy Langowski, Jacob Bleess, Erik Kanz, Jake Timm, Jimmy Broszeit, Brian Mahlstedt, Terry Timmerman, Brandon Reutzel, Jack Baehman, Austin Schrage, Taylor Knutson, Tyler Creeley, Kyle Anderson, Kylie Kath, Chris Trainer, Terry Kohnert, Brian Schrage.

Heat 1 – Kath, Timm, Creeley, Reutzel, K. Anderson, Trainer, Kohnert.

Heat 2 – B. Anderson, Hovey, Smith, Mitchell, B. Schrage, Baehman, A. Schrage.

Heat 3 – Kanz, Langowski, Broszeit, Bleess, Mahlstedt, Timmerman, Knudtson.


Feature – Jason Cummins, Steve Wetzstein, Mark Noble, Bob Timm, Ben Mattick, Les Duellman, Kevin Viebrock, Darrin Walch, Robby Bunkelman, Andy Bohnstengel, Lucas Schott, Josh Angst, Todd Scharkey, Doug Hillson, Jared Siefert, Joel Alberts, Ron Schreiner, Steve Lavasseur, Brandon Aggen, Brandon Hare, Jason Swan, Don Eischens, Leroy Scharkey, Adam Stockhausen.

B-Main – Swan, Aggen, Lavasseur, Eischens, Greg Jensen, Keith Tourville, Bob Fort, Mike Anderson, Phil Wernert, Brian Albrecht, Kevin Rogers, Bryan Hessler, Josh Ruby, Randy Jonsgaard, Brian Shaw, Jeremy Jonsgaard.

Heat 1 – Wetzstein, Mattick Schott, Schreiner, Angst, Tourville, Albrecht, Rogers, Ruby.

Heat 2 – Cummins, Hillson, T. Scharkey, Alberts, L. Scharkey, Lavasseur, Eischens, R. Jonsgaard, Shaw.

Heat 3 – Walch, Bohnstengel, L. Jonsgaard, Hare, Stockhausen, Aggen, Hessler, Wernert, Fort.

Heat 4 – Noble, Viebrock, Timm, Bunkelman, Siefert, Swan, Jensen, Anderson, J. Jonsgaard.

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