Bohr continues dominance of Cresco modifieds
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August 1, 1999

CRESCO, IA (August 1, 1999) - Dale's Body Shop of Osage was the sponsor of the night's racing action at the Cresco Speedway, Sunday.

In the hobby stock feature, Jeff Vsetecka of Charles City extended his points lead by coming from the middle of the pack to pick up the win. Lee Hansmeier, Rick Stockman, Tony Severson and Mel Tieskotter finished 2-5.

it was a game of musical leaders with seven different drivers taking their turns running out in front, but when it counted most, it was Ron Konkel of New Albin taking home the checkers, followed by Tony Trowler, Mike Bergan, Laverne Carey and Steve Holthaus.

Darren Ackerman made a great run with his brand new car, back on the track for the first time since a horrifying accident completely destroyed his old car. Ackerman led for 15 laps until Kevin Kirkpatrick of Waterloo worked his way around him to pick up the win, Ackerman finished second, followed by Curt Martin, Greg Kastli and Chris Adams.

Dan Bohr continued his dominance of the modified class by working his way to the front of the pack and pulled away with another win. Todd Suhr, Tim Heins, Brian Bronner and Jason Weis finished 2-5.

the two-man cruiser class also ran in a weekend special with the feature win going to jason Ball and Adam Speicher of Fredricksburg. Shay and Travis Curtin finished second.

Join us next week as Cresco Amoco of Cresco sponsors the night's racing action. See you there!



HEAT 1: Mel Tieskotter

HEAT 2: Lee Hansmeier

A FEATURE: 1. Jeff Vsetecka, 2. Lee Hansmeier, 3. Rick Stockman, 4. Tony Severson, 5. Mel Tieskotter, 6. Jay Schwamman, 7. Jeff Larson, 8. Jason Schlangen, 9. Dave Mayer, 10. Nathan Ferrie, 11. Tory Reicks, 12. Pat Kelly, 13. Corry Usher, 14. Tim Gebel, 15. Kenny Dotzler, 16. Roger Deery, 17. Brian Losen, 18. Bill Martin


HEAT 1: Steve Holthaus

HEAT 2: Marinus Mlady

HEAT 3: Tom Schmitt

B FEATURE: Darrel Devries

A FEATURE: 1. Ron Konkel, 2. Tony Trowler, 3. Mike Bergan, 4. Laverne Carey, 5. Steve Holthaus, 6. Kevin Bidne, 7. Troy Scholbrock, 8. Brian Tank, 9. Mike Krambeer, 10. Rodney Zubrod, 11. Dennis Solberg, 12. Dan McMillan, 13. Paul Kottschade, 14. Troy Hansmeier, 15. Mike Sweeney, 16. Tom Schmitt, 17. Scott Bauer, 18. Darrel Devries, 19. Marinus Mlady, 20. Brad Blake


HEAT 1: Kevin Kirkpatrick

HEAT 2: Chris Adams

A FEATURE: 1. Kevin Kirkpatrick, 2. Darren Ackerman, 3. Curt Martin, 4. Greg Kastli, 5. Chris Adams, 6. Brian Hunter, 7. Dale Hackwell Jr., 8. Shane Metz, 9. Mike Fitzpatrick, 10. Cam Granger, 11. Wade Russell, 12. Bob Fisher, 13. Ben Schaeffer


HEAT 1: Todd Suhr

HEAT 2: Dan Bohr

A FEATURE: 1. Dan Bohr, 2. Todd Suhr, 3. Tim Heins, 4. Brian Bronner, 5. Jason Weis, 6. Kyle Chiglo, 7. Jack Mitchell, 8. Chuck Stanton, 9. Curt Carey, 10. Larry Grube, 11. Ken Hofner, 12. Brad Rain, 13. John Grube, 14. Larry G. Hall, 15. Kurt George, 16. Jordan Steier, 17. Mark Swancatt

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