Dripps, Jones, Bauer repeat at Cresco
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April 30, 2000

CRESCO, IA (April 30, 2000) — A beautiful day welcomed the racers and their fans to the Cresco Speedway in Cresco, Iowa, Sunday night.

After a couple of caution flags started the Modified feature race, Ken Hofner took the lead and held on for the first five laps before Kevin Pittman took over, coming up from his fourth row starting spot. Pittman looked to have the race well in hand until Corey Dripps came up to run side by side for the final two laps. Pittman held the advantage until Dripps pulled out the win in a photo finish. Troy Langowski finish third followed by Dean Reiss and Tim Heins. This was Dripps' second victory in a row. Heat wins went to Dan Bohr, Pittman and Reiss, with Brad Rain picking up the consy victory.

Carl Cosch jumped out to a big lead in the Hobby Stock feature race until a yellow caution flag came out at the halfway point. On the restart, Dan Jones, last week's winner, closed in and took away the lead and held on for his second win in a row. Colsch finished second, followed by Jeff Vsetecka, Andy Burke and Brian Losen. Heat wins went to Vsetecka, Cosch and Losen, with Tory Reicks winning the consy.

The Stock Car feature was a battle with numerous cars taking their turn running up front with cars running two- and three-wide around the track. At the halfway point, Scott Bauer took over the lead and ran away from the pack, picking up his second straight win. Ron Konkel, Brian Tank, Jeff Schleutter and Troy Scholbrock rounded out the top five. Stock Car heat winners were Mike Bergen, Scholbrock and Marinus Mlady.

Dean Schlangen jumped out front for the Pure Stock feature and led flag to flag to pick up the win. Shawn Erickson finished second, followed by Mark Mensink, Robert Walker and Bob Praska. Erickson won the Pure Stock heat.

Join us again next Sunday night for more racing action at the Cresco Speedway in Cresco, Iowa.



HEAT 1 - Dan Bohr, Corey Dripps, Tim Reins, Ryan York, Mark Swancutt, Jewel Losee, Troy Hale, John Grube.

HEAT 2 - Kevin Pittman, Todd Schaufenbuel, Troy Longowski, James Richardson, Curt Vaith, Chuck Stanton, Brad Rain.

HEAT 3 - Dean Reiss, Ken Hofner, Pete Gronvold, Larry Schmidt, Larry Grube, Shawn Ryan, Kaleb Himli.

B-MAIN - Brad Rain, Kaleb Himli, Shawn Ryan, Jewel Losee, John Grube, Chuck Stanton (DNS), Troy Hale (DNS).

A-MAIN - Corey Dripps, Kevin Pittman, Troy Langowski, Dean Reiss, Tim Heins, Ken Hofner, Larry Schmidt, Todd Schaufenbuel, Dan Bohr, Larry Grube, Shawn Ryan, Ryan York, Pete Gronvold, Curt Vaith, Mark Swancutt, James Richardson, Jewel Losee, Brad Rain, Kaleb Himli.


HEAT 1 - Jeff Vsetecka, Dave Mayer, Andy Burke, Jason Schlangen, Tom Kessell, Josh Malli, Chuck Pierce, Tony Severson.

HEAT 2 - Carl Colsch, Dan Jones, Donald Besse, Bryan Webb, Pat Kelly, Jeremy Moeller, Tory Reicks, Adam Speicher, Tim Tostenson.

HEAT 3 - Brian Losen, Kevin Donlan, Jeff Larson, Dave Lickteig, Bill Martin, Nathan Ferrie, Steve Grube, Lynn Panos.

B-MAIN - Tory Reicks, Lynn Panos, Adam Speicher, Jeremy Moeller, Nathan Ferrie, Josh Malli, Tim Tostenson, Tom Kessel, Steve Grube, Chuck Pierce (DNS), Tony Severson (DNS).

A-MAIN - Dan Jones, Carl Colsch, Jeff Vsetecka, Andy Burke, Brian Losen, Tory Reicks, Kevin Donlan, Dave Mayer, Lynn Panos, Bryan Webb, Ronald Besse, Mike Jones, Adam Speicher, Jason Schlangen, Jeremy Oakes, Jeff Larson, Bill Martin, Pat Kelly, Nathan Ferrie, Dave Lickteig.


HEAT 1 - Mike Bergen, Steve Holthaus, Brian Tank, Darrell Devries, Jerry Tank, Dan McMillan, Rodney Zubrod.

HEAT 2 - Troy Scholbrock, Adam Martinson, Mike Kelly, Scott Bauer, Tony Trower, Todd Watts, Gerald Peter.

HEAT 3 - Marinus Mlady, Ron Konkel, Kevin Bidne, Jake Ludeking, Jeff Schluetter, Jim Peter, Matt Albert.

A-MAIN - Scott Bauer, Ron Konkel, Brian Tank, Jeff Schluetter, Troy Scholbrock, Adam Martinson, Jake Ludeking, Mike Kelly, Marinus Mlady, Mike Bergen, Kevin Bidne, Dan McMillan, Jim Peter, Jerry Tark, Todd Watts, Gerald Peter, Matt Albert, Steve Holthaus, Darrell Devries, Tony Trower.


HEAT - Shawn Erickson, Bob Praska, Dean Schiangen, Mark Mensink, Robert Walker, Eric Houdek.

A-MAIN - Dean Schlangen, Shawn Erickson, Mark Mensink, Robert Walker, Bob Praska, Eric Houdek.

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