Trower shows power at Cresco; Panos, Bohr, Oaks also victorious
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May 7, 2000

CRESCO, IA (May 7, 2000) — Another beautiful day welcomed racers and fans to the Cresco Speedway in Cresco, Iowa, Sunday night.

The Stock Cars were first to take to the track with heat wins going to Ron Konkel, Brian Tank and Tony Trower. Lorin Kurth won the B Main.

Hobby Stocks were up next with heat wins going to Lynn Panos, Pat Kelly and Dan Jones. John Andrus picked up the win in the B Main.

Dan Bohr, Kevin Pittman and Chuck Stanton were the Modified heat winners. Pure Stock heat wins went to Shawn Erickson and Jeremy Oaks.

Tony Trower left little doubt who had the best car for the night in the Stock Car feature. Trower took command of the race at the drop of the green flag, pulling away for his first victory at the speedway, winning by a full straightway. The racing was for the second position with a lot of side by side racing action. Ron Konkel picked up second with Brian Tank taking third followed by Gerald Peter and Marinus Mlady.

Lynn Panos took control of the Hobby Stock feature after five laps had been completed and took home the checkers for his flrst win of the season. Jeff Vsetcka finished second, Tory Reicks was third, Jr. Boyer was fourth after having to make his way into the feature through the B Main. Dave Mayer was fifth.

Dan Bohr and Kevin Pittman put on quite a show in the Modified feature with the two drivers rnnning bumper to bumper almost from the start. The two pulled away from the rest of the field and then had to snake their way through lapped traffic with Bohr pulling out the win. This is the third week in a row that Pittman has finished second. Troy Hale, Tim Donlinger and Brian Bronner rounded out the top five

The Pure Stock class is new to the Speedway this year and is one that keeps growing every week. Jeremy Oaks found the track to his liking in his first trip to Cresco this year and picked up the sweep, taking home both heat and A Main wins. Justin Humpal finished second followed by Shawn Erickson, Bob Praska and Mark Mensink.

Join us next week for more exciting racing action at the Cresco Speedway.



HEAT 1 - Ron Konkel, Kevin Bidne, Mike Kelly, Marinus Mlady, Jake Ludeking, Lorin Kurth, Matt Albert.

HEAT 2 - Brian Tank, Mike Sweeney, Troy Hansmier, Mike Bergen, Jim Peter, Terry Quam, Darrell DeVries.

HEAT 3 - Tony Trower, Gerald Peter, Scott Bauer, Troy Scholbrock, Darrell Moss, Dan McMillan, Mike Krambeer.

B-MAIN - Lorin Kurth, Terry Quam, Dan McMillan, Darrell DeVries, Mike Krambeer, Matt Albert.

A-MAIN - Tony Trower, Ron Konkel, Brian Tank, Gerald Peter, Marinus Mlady, Mike Kelly, Scott Bauer, Troy Scholbrock, Jake Ludeking, Darrell Moss, Terry Quam, Mike Bergen, Darrell DeVries, Lorin Kurth, Jim Peter, Mike Krambeer, Dan McMillan, Kevin Bidne, Mike Sweeney, Troy Hansmeier.


HET 1 - Lynn Panos, Tom Kessel, Adam Speicher, Jeff Vsetecka, Tory Reicks, Jeremy Mueller, Carl Colsch, Tony Severson, Steve Sweeney.

HEAT 2 - Pat Kelly, Kevin Donlan, Andy Burke, Josh Malli, Chad Lerch, John Andrus, Shawn Chensvold, Jason Schlangen, Tim Gebel.

HEAT 3 - Dan Jones, Donald Besse, Dave Mayer, Jeff Larson, Bryan Webb, Junior Boyer, Lee Hansmeier, Steve Grube.

B-MAIN - John Andrus, Junior Boyer, Jeremy Mueller, Carl Colsch, Lee Hansmeier, Jason Schlangen, Tim Gebel, Tony Severson, Steve Sweeney, Shawn Chensvold, Steve Grube.

A-MAIN - Lynn Panos, Jeff Vsetcka, Tory Reicks, Junior Boyer, Dave Mayer, Jeff Larson, Jason Schlangen, Pat Kelly, Lee Hansmeier, Chad Lerch, Donald Besse, Jeremy Moellers, Andy Burke, Dan Jones, Josh Malli, Tom Kessel, Kevin Donlan, John Andnus, Adam Speicher, Carl Colsch-DNS.


HEAT 1 - Dan Bohr, Troy Langowski, Tray Hale, Chad Behne, John Grube, James Richardson, Kaleb Himli.

HEAT 2 - Kevin Pittman, Todd Schaufenbuel, Tim Heins, Brad Rain, Ryan York, Curt Vaith.

HEAT 3 - Chuck Stanton, Brian Bronner, Larry Schmidt, Tim Donlinger, Dean Reiss, Pete Gronvold.

A-MAIN - Dan Bohr, Kevin Pittman, Troy Hale, Tim Donlinger, Brian Bronner, Troy Langowski, Todd Schaufenbuel, Larry Schmidt, Tim Heins, Chuck Stanton, Dean Riess, Brad Rain, James Richardson, Ryan York, John Grube, Curt Vaith, Pete Granvold, Chad Behne, Kaleb Himli-DNS.


HEAT 1 - Shawn Erickson, Dave Drivold, Chris Busch, Robert Walker, Eric Houdek.

HEAT 2 - Jeremy Oaks, Justin Humpal, Bob Praska, Mark Mensink, Travis Boyle.

A-MAIN - Jeremy Oaks, Justin Humpal, Shawn Erickson, Bob Praska, Mark Mensink, Dave Drivold, Robert Walker, Eric Houdek, Travis Boyle, Chris Busch.

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