Bidne, Jones, Bohr, Oaks win at Cresco
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July 16, 2000

CRESCO, IA (July 16, 2000) — For the first time in four weeks, Mother Nature gave racers and their fans a chance to race, Sunday night at the Cresco Speedway.

Stock Cars hit the track first with heat wins going to Troy Hansmeier, Jim Peter and Marinus Mlady.

Up next were the Hobby Stocks with heat wins going to Lee Hansmeier, Steve Holthaus and Dan Jones. Tory Reicks was the "B" main winner.

Dean Riess and Brad Rain picked up heat wins in the Modified class and Jeremey Oaks was the heat winner in the Pure Stock class.

Kevin Bidne held off Brian Tank, Troy Hansmeier, Mike Bergen and Mlady to take home the checkers in the Stock Car "A" main.

Dan Jones took the win in the Hobby Stock "A" main, followed by Brian Losen, Jeff Vsetecka, Holthaus and Mike Jones.

Dan Bohr took home the "A" main win in the Modified class. Dean Wagner, Brian Bronner, Troy Hale and James Richardson rounded out the top five.

Jeremy Oaks made it a clean sweep in the Pure Stock class, picking up his second win of the night. Tony Miller took second followed by Matt Miller, Brian Radloff and Mark Mensink.

Be sure to join us next week for more racing action at the Cresco Speedway. See you there!



Heat 1: Troy Hansmeier, Gerald Peter, Ron Konkel, Tony Trower, Jerry Tank, Matt Albert.

Heat 2: Jim Peter, Troy Scholbrock, Brian Tank, Scott Bauer, Dan McMillan.

Heat 3: Marinus Mlady, Kevin Bidne, Mike Bergan, Jake Ludeking, Todd Watts, Paul Kottschade.

"A" Main: Kevin Bidne, Brian Tank, Troy Hansmeier, Mike Bergen, Marinus Mlady, Jake Ludeking, Scott Bauer, Ron Konkel, Jim Peter, Dan McMillan, Gerald Peter, Troy Scholbrock, Rodney Zubrod, Todd Watts, Jerry Tank, Paul Kottschade, Matt Albert, Tony Trower.


Heat 1: Lee Hansmeier, Jason Schlangen, Brian Losen, Jeremy Moeller, John Andrus, Dave Meyer, Josh Mali, Tim Tostenson.

Heat 2: Steve Holthaus, Jeff Vsetecka, Mike Jones, Kevin Donlan, Ross Kurth, Jeff Larson, Tom Kessel, Tory Reicks.

Heat 3: Dan Jones, Lynn Panos, Adam Speicher, Andy Burke, Carl Colsch, Tony Severson, Donald Besse, Dave Lickteig.

"B" Main: Tory Reicks, Dave Meyer, Ross Kurth, Tony Severson, Tom Kessel, Jeff Larson, Dave Lickteig, Donald Besse, Josh Mali.

"A" Main: Dan Jones, Brian Losen, Jeff Vsetecka, Steve Holthaus, Mike Jones, Tory Reicks, Jason Schlangen, Lee Hansmeier, Carl Colsch, Adam Speicher, Ross Kurth, Jeremy Moeller, John Andus, Tom Kessel, Andy Burke, Lynn Panos, Tony Severson, Dave Meyer, Kevin Donlan, Tim Tostenson.


Heat 1: Dean Riess, Brian Bronner, James Richardson, Tim Jensen, Dick Brummond, Dan Bohr, Troy Hale, Chris Adams.

Heat 2: Brad Rain, Ryan York, John Grube, Larry Grube, Tim Heins, Ken Hofner, Dennis Fink, Dean Wagner.

"A" Main: Dan Bohr, Dean Wagner, Brian Bronner, Troy Hale, James Richardson, Tim Jensen, Dennis Fink, Larry Grube, John Grube, Dick Brummond, Ken Hofner, Ryan York, Brad Rain, Dean Reiss, Chris Adams.


Heat 1: Jeremey Oaks, Tony Miller, Bob Praska, Robert Hilmer, Mark Mensink, Matt Miller, Eric Houdek, Brian Radloff, Bob Walker.

"A" Main: Jeremey Oaks, Tony Miller, Matt Miller, Brian Radloff, Mark Mensink, Bob Praska, Robert Hilmer, Eric Houdek, Bob Walker.

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