Cummins dominates at Chateau Raceway
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July 22, 2011  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- It was a hot and steamy night both on and off the track this week at the Chateau Raceway. After a brief passing sprinkle, the sun returned and made it a hot and sticky late afternoon. The action was hot on the track also and a few tempers flared.

Jason Cummins dominated the USRA RHS Modified 25-lapper. Cummins got past early leader Joe Horgdal on lap 2 but Horgdal had some resistance and tried to get back by. Cummins quickly drove away and left Horgdal in his wake.

Horgdal then eventually had to deal with Todd Scharkey and Steve Wetzstein. Those three ran close on the top line on laps 15 and 16. Wetzstein squeezed past Scharkey for third, but Scharkey fired back in the next corner. Scharkey then just got over the berm in turn one and Wetzstein stormed past on lap 20.

Wetzstein then attempted a slider on Horgdal and they made contact with Wetzstein now second. Then is was Scharkey’s turn on the final lap in turn 1 when he tried the same maneuver but did not have quite enough room. They bumped and Scharkey took third while Cummins was alone at the checkered with Wetzstein a distant second. Horgdal finished fourth and showed his displeasure with Scharkey on the cool down lap. Darwyn Karau finished in the fifth position.

A reminder to race fans that there will be no racing next Friday, July 29, at the Chateau Raceway as the Deer Creek Speedway hosts the inaugural World Modified Dirt Track Championship presented by Hanson Tire Service. Racing will return on Friday, Aug. 5. For more info visit

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, July 22, 2011


Feature: 1. Jason Cummins, New Richland; 2. Steve Wetzstein, West Concord; 3. Todd Scharkey, Kasson; 4. Joe Horgdal, Kasson; 5. Darwyn Karau, Kasson; 6. Joel Alberts, Mantorville; 7. Doug Hillson, Blooming Prairie; 8. Jeremy Misgen, Ellendale; 9. Wally Bustad, Austin; 10. Brandon Davis, Medford; 11. A.J. Wiste, Adams).

Heat #1: 1. Wetzstein; 2. Wiste; 3. Cummins; 4. Hillson; 5. Bustad.

Heat #2: 1. Scharkey; 2. Davis; 3. Karau; 4. Horgdal; 5. Alberts; 6. Misgen.

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