Genesis Racing Shocks announces GS3 and GS2 line of shocks
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September 15, 2011

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Genesis Racing Shocks is pleased to announce a new line of GS3 and GS2 All Steel Body Double and Single Adjustable Shocks to add to its extensive line of advanced technology racing steel and aluminum shock absorbers. This new design has been thoroughly tested and won races over the last six months in several areas around the country.

The GS3 and GS2 have been approved by the USRA.

The New GS3 and GS2 adjustable series mono tube shock absorber offers more driver feel and feedback to ever changing track conditions through its unique double checked low speed valving design with completely independent rebound and compression adjustments that increases traction especially in slick conditions. It is available in both 7-inch and 9-inch stroke models. The GS3 and GS2 also features a large built-on gas reservoir, which increases the volume of gas the shock holds and lowers the unwanted increase in rod pressure that comes with stroke. Other features include a large 48mm bore for maximum control, positive stainless steel no-drag scraper to keep any dirt and debris out, a solid Carbo-Nitrided alloy shaft and low-friction Teflon-lined self-lubricating half-inch bearings on both ends. The GS3 has the largest true rebound and compression range of adjustments. 3 to 8 on rebound and compression is standard, but is also available in other ranges. There is no finer shock absorber available to the steel shock rule racer.

In addition to the GS3 and GS2 Series, Genesis offers non-adjustable and adjustable aluminum and steel shocks for various rules packages in numerous series.

Genesis Racing Shocks is located in historic Roswell, Ga., just 30 miles north of Atlanta. With over 60 years experience between them in the shock absorbers and the racing industry, Mike Farr and Mike Lutz have extensive backgrounds in motorsports engineering and shock absorber design and application.

Genesis Racing Shocks has been “Building Winners And Champions One Race At A Time!” around the world.

For more information about Genesis Racing Shocks or the new GS3 and GS2 Series of shock absorbers, call 678-659-9454, visit or email

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