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August 21, 1998

IMCA Hobby Stock

Heat 1 - Bryan Frayne, Scott Anderson, Randy Hadacek, Jim Mitchell, Gary Ellis, Dan Haugland, James Ringham, Brent Hanson

Heat 2 - Tony Smidt, John Simpson, Joe Willier, James F. Smith, David Bonin, Rob Hughes, Colin Read, Adam Lackore

Heat 3 - Jeremy Mills, Ed Green, Tim Sidles, Clint Jensen, Bruce Bonjour, Cody Miller, Larry Eisenman, Scott Hart

Heat 4 - Earl Webner, Tim Tickel, Jason Daniels, Chris Eden, Mike Weitzel, Curt Moore, Chip Berry

B2 Feature - Rob Hughes, Adam Lackore, David Bonin, Ken Roeder, Curt Moore, Mike Weitzel, Colin Read, Chip Berry

B Feature - Gary Ellis, Dan Haugland, Brad Ramaeker, Scott Hart, Bruce Bonjour, James Ringham, Cody Miller, Larry Eisenman

A Feature - Jeremy Mills, Jason Daniels, Randy Hadacek, Scott Anderson, Tony Smidt, Rob Hughes, Ed Green, Chris Eden, Joe Willier, Dan Haugland, Tim Tickel, Clint Jensen, Tim Sidles, James F Smith, Gary Ellis, John Simpson, Earl Webner, Adam Lackore, Jim Mitchell, Bryan Frayne

IMCA Stock Car

Heat 1 - Wade Eastman, Craig Gray, Mike Ehrhardt, Scott Davis, Terry Whitehurst, Todd Wendel, John Pletcher

Heat 2 - Scott Bloemke, Stacey Mills, Mark Jones, Clint Wendel, Kevin Opheim, Bruce Wickman, Cory Oftedahl

Heat 3 - Mark Elliott, Jim Howe, Denny Stoneburner, Jeff Dolphin, Tim Smith, Ed Wolf, Travis Hoeft

Heat 4 - Cale Sponsler, Dj Anderson, David Tate, Paul Kraft, Joe Hiscocks, Russell Trulson, Kelly Tapper Dashcraig Gray, Stacey Mills, Mark Elliott, Jim Howe, Scott Bloemke

B Feature - Bruce Wickman, Tim Smith, Kelly Tapper, John Pletcher, Joe Hiscocks, Russell Trulson, Todd Wendel, Kevin Opheim, Ed Wolf

A Feature - Wade Eastman, Craig Gray, Scott Bloemke, Denny Stoneburner, David Tate, Kelly Tapper, Jim Howe, Mark Elliott, Scott Davis, Stacey Mills, John Pletcher, Clint Wendel, Jeff Dolphin, Paul Kraft, Tim Smith, Mike Ehrhardt, Joe Hiscocks, Mark Jones, Cale Sponsler, Bruce Wickman

IMCA Modified

Heat 1 - Dick Manske, Rich Lewerke, Mark Noble, Mike Hejna, Dan Hanselman, Todd Stinehart, Rick Schuller, Jim Eden, Jon Wood

Heat 2 - Keith Schmitz, David Wickman, Mike Carlson, Kevin Hoeft, Al Hejna, Wayne Larson, Ryan Hiscocks, Ross Wyatt

Heat 3 - Tommy Myer, Rick Smith, Mikey Christians, Adam Larson, Pat Graham, Bill Cook, Clint Pursley

Dash - Rich Lewerke, Rick Smith, David Wickman, Tommy Myer, Keith Schmitz, Dick Manske

A Feature - Dick Manske, Mark Noble, David Wickman, Rick Smith, Rich Lewerke, Tommy Myer, Keith Schmitz, Al Hejna, Adam Larson, Kevin Hoeft, Jon Wood, Ryan Hiscocks, Rick Schuller, Jim Eden, Ross Wyatt, Todd Stinehart, Mikey Christians, Mike Hejna, Mike Carlson, Pat Graham, Dan Hanselman, Bill Cook, Wayne Larson, Clint Pursley

Limited 360 Modified

Heat 1 - Larry Cook, Arvin Sidles, Matt Assink, Josh Omans, Troy Djuren, Nathan Chodur, Mark Holt, Brad Willier, Ben Holt, Wayne Curry

A Feature - Matt Assink, Larry Cook, Brad Willier, Wayne Curry, Nathan Chodur, Troy Djuren, Arvin Sidles, Ben Holt, Mark Holt, Josh Omans

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