Pope, Cook take clean sweeps at Hancock County Speedway
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May 22, 1999

By Christina Danielsen

BRITT, IA (May 21, 1999) - It was a wild night sponsored by K-97 out of Fort Dodge in Britt on Friday night while the racers and their cars took the track by storm. The soft track made driving conditions difficult while the cars dug their groove into corner number four. Although driving was sometimes difficult, drivers showed their talent and fast maneuvering to handle the soft track conditions.

Ron Pope of Mason City was the king of the night when he took everything that Hancock County Speedway had to offer him in the Modified division. After winning his heat, Pope qualified for the "Big Bud Shootout" by winning the cash dash. With this win and the feature win from last week's feature, (May 14) Pope decided to accept the Modified Challenge.

He started in the back with 23 other cars ahead of him. The purpose of the Modified Challenge is to start in the back of the feature and then win that feature, which Pope did, without difficulty. Pope blew the competition away with a half lap lead over the next car. With that win, Pope took home an extra $600 just for winning the challenge. This concluded his incredible "Clean Sweep" last Friday.

Dave Doughty provided his Late Model, sponsored by K-97, as the pace car for the features in exchange for the chance to run a few hot laps with Gary Peterson of Rolfe to test out the track for the Late Model show coming June 11th to Britt.

Earl Webner of Garner won his first feature this year in the Hobby Stock division while holding off the defending feature winner Shane Monson of Clear Lake. Webner held on and maneuvered through the ruts created by hard racing.

Cory Oftedahl of Buffalo Center also had a first on Friday with his first Stock Car win ever. It was a close race between Oftedahl and Wade Eastman of Nora Springs, with Oftedahl holding on to take the close victory, pushing Eastman out of a "Clean Sweep."

Larry Cook of Fort Dodge was the "Clean Sweep" winner in the Limited 360 Modified class. There were no cautions thrown during the race making it a steady, fast paced race. Talented drivers drove around the mishaps to make an exciting, on-your-feet race.

Racing continues next Friday night with the Jennifer Steinlicht "Friends of Racing Memorial" and the "Iowa State Athletics, Night at the Races." Hot laps are at 7; Racing begins at 7:30. On Monday night there will be a Memorial Day, non-sanctioned race. In the Stock Car class it will be $1000 to win. The Modified and Hobby Stock will be racing for the "Heartland Tour for a Cure." Hot Laps at 6:30 with racing beginning at 7. Make sure to note that Monday night's race starts a half-hour earlier.


IMCA Modified

Heat 1: Larry Portis, Ryan Hiscocks, Keith Schmitz, Jon Wood, Rick Schuller, Jeremy Mills, Dan Anderson

Heat 2: Scott Badker, Jeff Feaster, Jimmy Davis, Derek Cink, George Gilliland, Scott Olson

Heat 3: Kevin Hoeft, Mike Hejna, Bill Cook, Al Hejna, David Henderson, Rich Lewerke

Heat 4: Ron Pope, Mike Hackenmiller, Todd Stinehart, Nathan Chodur, Mikey Christians, Ross Wyatt

Dash: Ron Pope, Scott Badker, Mike Hejna, Mike Hackenmiller, Jeff Feaster, Kevin Hoeft, Keith Schmitz

A Feature: Ron Pope, Scott Badker, Kevin Hoeft, Derek Cink, Jimmy Davis, Keith Schmitz, Mike Hackenmiller, Ryan Hiscocks, Larry Portis, Rick Schuller, Scott Olson, Nathan Chodur, Bill Cook, Al Hejna, Jeremy Mills, David Henderson, Rich Lewerke, Mikey Christians, Mike Hejna, Jeff Feaster, Todd Stinehart, George Gilliland, Jon Wood, Ross Wyatt, Dan Anderson

IMCA Stock Car

Heat 1: Craig Berhow, Clint Wendel, Kelly Tapper, Russell Trulson, Kim Schleuger, Steve Inman, Denny Stoneburner

Heat 2: Cory Oftedahl, Skeeter Paris, Scott Bloemke, Joe Hiscocks, Craig Gray, John Pletcher, Todd Wendel

Heat 3: Wade Eastman, Jeff Dolphin, Kevin Opheim, Travis Hoeft, Larry Peterson, Terry Whitehurst

Dash: Wade Eastman, Cory Oftedahl, Craig Berhow, Clint Wendel, Skeeter Paris, Jeff Dolphin

A Feature: Cory Oftedahl, Wade Eastman, Kelly Tapper, Clint Wendel, Denny Stoneburner, Russell Trulson, Craig Berhow, Travis Hoeft, Jeff Dolphin, Joe Hiscocks, Kim Schleuger, Terry Whitehurst, John Pletcher, Steve Inman, Larry Peterson, Kevin Opheim, Craig Gray, Scott Bloemke, Skeeter Paris, Todd Wendel

Limited 360 Modified

Heat 1: Larry Cook, Bryan Frayne, Jim Arnold, Matt Assink, Dean Oswald, Kevin Jorgenson, Don Reimers

Heat 2: Brad Willier, Josh Omans, James Krejci, Paul Kraft, Scott Anderson, Arvin Sidles

Dash: Larry Cook, Brad Willier, Jim Arnold, Josh Omans, Bryan Frayne, James Krejci

A Feature: Larry Cook, Matt Assink, Josh Omans, Brad Willier, Bryan Frayne, Don Reimers, Arvin Sidles, James Krejci, Paul Kraft, Dean Oswald, Jim Arnold, Kevin Jorgenson, Scott Anderson

IMCA Hobby Stock

Heat 1: Shane Monson, John Simpson, David Gilliland, Steve Smith, Jared Dirks, Jim Mitchell, Scott Anderson, Dan Flugge, Tim Tickel

Heat 2: James Ringham, Jason Daniels, Jeff Zehr, Earl Webner, Gerald Santee, Rob Flugge, Randy Hadacek, Joe Willier

Heat 3: Brent Hanson, Tony Smidt, Brad Bakken, Rob Hughes, Weston Koop, Jamie Anderson, Nick West, Adam Lackore

Dash: James Ringham, Shane Monson, Brent Hanson, Tony Smidt, John Simpson, Jason Daniels

A Feature: Earl Webner, Shane Monson, Brad Bakken, Jason Daniels, Rob Hughes, John Simpson, David Gilliland, Jim Mitchell, Tony Smidt, Jamie Anderson, Nick West, Randy Hadacek, Gerald Santee, Rob Flugge, Dan Flugge, Weston Koop, Brent Hanson, Steve Smith, Jared Dirks, James Ringham, Adam Lackore, Joe Willier, Scott Anderson, Jeff Zehr, Tim Tickel

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