Belmond's Bloemke bags Big Bud Shootout in Britt
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August 11, 2000

BRITT, IA (Aug. 11, 2000) — Scott Bloemke of Belmond continues to dominate in the new millennium in the Stock Car class in at the Hancock County Speedway in Britt. He has lead most the season in the stock car track point standings and last Friday night (August 11) he added the title of the Kabrick Dist. of Britt Big Bud Shootout winner to his list of accomplishments and put another $1,000 in his racing account.

Twelve qualifiers drew for position on the front straight, right before the start of the 30 lap feature, which was the last event of the night. Lady luck was not smiling on Bloemke for the draw for he got the number twelve spot. John Pletcher of Britt drew the pole, Darin Toot, Jeff Dolphin, Travis Hoeft, Kevin Opheim, Craig Gray, Cody Miller, Brent Powers, Joe Hiscocks, Tony Trower, Craig Berhow, Scott Bloemke were the starting order.

Pletcher held the lead for twelve laps of the event until Bloemke took over, coming from the back. Craig Berhow, also of Belmond, followed his hometown rival through the pack and ended in second spot. Craig Gray and Tony Trower, took third and fourth. Pletcher came across the wire in fifth in the Shootout.

John Pletcher won the $500 stock car feature earlier in the night. This was Pletcher’s first feature win at Britt since the opening night of the Britt race track in 1995, when he took the first stock car feature win ever at the new oval. Darin Toot of Albert Lea, MN. ran with him to the end and finished in second.

Jason Daniels of Britt, won the hobby stock feature over Jared Dirks of Belmond. Daniels came from the fourth row start to overtake the leader on the fifth lap and led the remaining laps of the event.

Curt Badker of Clear Lake, was a new face in the winners circle in the Limited 360 Modified class. He took the lead from Ed Green of Ellsworth, who had lead most of the event. Green met up with lap traffic and broke his stride and Badker took the advantage.Larry Cook finished second with Green in third.

Ron Pope looked impressive as he started from the third row and took the lead on the seventh lap and never relinquished it. Al Hejna, hung onto second spot and continued to challenge Pope for the rest of the race. Kevin Stoa and Tommy Myer finished in third and fourth spots respectively. Eligible drivers declined the challenge, so the challenge will be $1,700 next Friday, Aug. 18. Hot laps 7:00, Races 7:30.



Heat 1 - Carl Allbee, Al Hejna, Jon Wood, Ross Wyatt, Tommy Belmer, Brad Bakken, Ron Houdek, Kevin Hoeft, Bill Cook

Heat 2 - Rick Schuller, Tommy Myer, Keith Schmitz, Ron Pope, Mike Hejna, Jeff Metli, Ryan Hiscocks, Todd Stinehart, Kevin Stoa

Dash - Carl Allbee, Al Hejna, Rick Schuller, Tommy Myer, Jon Wood, Keith Schmitz

A Feature - Ron Pope, Al Hejna, Kevin Stoa, Tommy Myer, Mike Hejna, Brad Bakken, Todd Stinehart, Jeff Metli, Kevin Hoeft, Tommy Belmer, Bill Cook, Rick Schuller, Ross Wyatt, Carl Allbee, Ron Houdek, Ryan Hiscocks, Jon Wood, Keith Schmitz


Kabrick Big Bud Shootout - Scott Bloemke, Craig Berhow, Craig Gray, Tony Trower, John Pletcher, Cody Miller, Brent Powers, Jeff Dolphin, Darin Toot, Joe Hiscocks, Kevin Opheim, Travis Hoeft

Heat 1 - Brent Powers, Jeff Dolphin, Tony Trower, Craig Gray, Scott Bauer, Cody Miller, Kevin Opheim

Heat 2 - Darin Toot, Todd Wendel, Todd Foster, John Pletcher, Craig Berhow, Rod Olson, Curt Moore

Heat 3 - Kim Schleuger, Joe Hiscocks, Scott Bloemke, Russell Trulson, Larry Crocheck, Travis Hoeft

Dash - Darin Toot, Jeff Dolphin, Joe Hiscocks, Todd Wendel, Kim Schleuger, Brent Powers

A Feature - John Pletcher, Darin Toot, Todd Wendel, Jeff Dolphin, Craig Gray, Scott Bloemke, Todd Foster, Cody Miller, Kevin Opheim, Russell Trulson, Craig Berhow, Joe Hiscocks, Curt Moore, Kim Schleuger, Tony Trower, Brent Powers, Larry Crocheck, Scott Bauer, Rod Olson, Travis Hoeft


Heat 1 - Jim Smith, Jared Dirks, Brent Hanson, Jason Daniels, Dan Hanselman, Randy Hadacek, Dan Stromer, Jeff Lodin

Heat 2 - Karol Moore, Earl Webner, John Madson, Rob Hughes, Scott Anderson, Shane Monson, Dan Haugland, Chad Doyle, Tony Smidt, Tim Miller

A Feature - Jason Daniels, Jared Dirks, Scott Anderson, Karol Moore, Earl Webner, Shane Monson, Brent Hanson, Dan Hanselman, Jim Smith, Randy Hadacek, Dan Haugland, Jeff Lodin, Tony Smidt, Dan Stromer, John Madson, Chad Doyle, Rob Hughes, Tim Miller


Heat 1 - Ed Green, Alex Webner, Josh Omans, Jared Boumaster, Ben Holt, Steven Inman

Heat 2 - Brad Willier, Chuck Gatewood, Curt Badker, Larry Cook, Les Langfitt, Scott Sheehan

A Feature - Curt Badker, Larry Cook, Ed Green, Chuck Gatewood, Josh Omans, Alex Webner, Jared Boumaster, Brad Willier, Les Langfitt, Scott Sheehan, Ben Holt, Steven Inman

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