Fuqua claims Karrick Memorial cash at Lakeside Speedway
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August 30, 2013  |  by Bob Libbey

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Darron Fuqua bested the field during the 18th Annual Tom Karrick Modified Memorial feature Friday night at the Lakeside Speedway, taking home a cool $2,000 for his 30-lap effort.

Starting seventh, Fuqua used the cushion to hook the right rear of his USRA Modifieds and propelled himself forward quickly. Early race leader Kerry Davis had command for the first four laps and gave chase once Fuqua got around him until mechanical issues forced him to drop out early.

Nic Bidinger charged hard at the end, and even with a lap-20 caution wasn’t able to find the speed to get by Fuqua and finished second.

Terry Schultz raced from 14th to finish third, edging out Mark Schafman. Austin Siebert rounded out the top 5.

Once the USRA B-Mod drivers got the first five cautions out of their system, they ran a great race. Chad Clancy started up front and dominated the 15-lap event.

The most excitement came from watching Gene Claxton and Mike Higley. Claxton started 23th and Higley 25th. The two ended up finishing second and third, respectively. Randal Schiffelbein and Jake Richards finished fourth and fifth.

“Racing on the River’s Edge” continues every Friday night through October with the USRA A-Modifieds, Grand Nationals, USRA B-Modifieds and Factory Stocks. Gates open at 5:00pm, hot laps at 6:45pm, and the first race gets under way at 7:30pm. Adult ticket prices are $12.00, kids 7-12 $6.00, and children 6 and younger admitted FREE. Senior Citizen’s and military personnel with ID are admitted for $10.

For more information on special events or ticket information call the Lakeside Speedway office at (913) 299-9206 or visit our official website at www.lakesidespeedway.net. You can also find us on Facebook at Lakeside Speedway or Tweet us at #lakeside.


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kan.
Friday, Aug. 30, 2013


Heat #1: 1. Jake Richards, 2. Aron Rottinghaus, 3. Randal Schiffelbein Jr., 4. David Holcomb, 5. A.J. Tice, 6. Dakota Foster, DQ – J. Genail.

Heat #2: 1. Aaron Marrant, 2. Sam Schuler Jr., 3. Dean Galvan, 4. Terry Wilburn, 5. Chris Brockway, 6. Henry Stubbeman, DQ – Mike Higley.

Heat #3: 1. Chad Clancy, 2. Terry Bruner, 3. Kelby Ostrander, 4. Raven Justice, DQ – Gene Claxton, Matt Pugh.

Heat #4: 1. Luke Nieman, 2. Bill Custer, 3. Troy Carlyle, 4. Robert Isabell III, 5. Jacob Hobscheidt, 6. Paul West.

Feature: 1. Chad Clancy, 2. Gene Claxton, 3. Mike Higley, 4. Randal Schiffelbein Jr., 5. Jake Richards, 6. Aaron Marrant, 7. Kelby Ostrander, 8. Terry Bruner, 9. Luke Nieman, 10. Dakota Foster, 11. David Holcomb, 12. Matt Pugh, 13. Troy Carlyle, 14. Sam Schuler Jr., 15. Jacob Hobscheidt, 16. Robert Isabell III, 17. Aron Rottinghaus, 18. Dean Galvan, 19. Chris Brockway, 20. J. Genail, 21. Henry Stubbeman, 22. Raven Justice, 23. Paul West, 24. Bill Custer, 25. Terry Wilburn, DNS – A.J. Tice.


Heat #1: 1. Darron Fuqua, 2. Luke Driskell, 3. Dalton Kirk, 4. Terry Schultz, 5. Ron Keith, 6. Mike Eisenhut, 7. Darren Bennett.

Heat #2: 1. Nic Bidinger, 2. Austin Siebert, 3. Donnie Burlington Jr., 4. Josh Everhart, 5. Jerry Liston Jr., DQ – Jason Park.

Heat #3: 1. Kerry Davis, 2. Justin Johnson, 3. Scott Crystal, 4. Dillon Rowland, DQ – Aaron Marrant, Tim Karrick.

Heat #4: 1. Mark Schafman, 2. Rick Beebe, 3. Mark Hoover, 4. Larry Harvey Jr., 5. Cody Agler, 6. Chad Lyle.

Feature: 1. Darron Fuqua, 2. Nic Bidinger, 3. Terry Schultz, 4. Mark Schafman, 5. Austin Siebert, 6. Rick Beebe, 7. Tim Karrick, 8. Dalton Kirk, 9. Justin Johnson, 10. Larry Harvey Jr., 11. Ron Keith, 12. Aaron Marrant, 13. Mike Eisenhut, 14. Mark Hoover, 15. Luke Driskell, 16. Cody Agler, 17. Dillon Rowland, 18. Josh Everhart, 19. Jason Park, 20. Jerry Liston Jr., 21. Scott Crystal, 22. Kerry Davis, 23. Donnie Burlington Jr., DNS – Chad Lyle, Darren Bennett.

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