Clancy claims USRA B-Mod big bucks at I-35 Speedway
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August 2, 2014  |  by Rick & Alan Staley

WINSTON, Mo. -- Great fun was had by all kids in attendance at “Kids Night at the Races” as over 150 backpacks filled to the top were given away as back to school prizes when the kids walked through the gates. Also, DX Racing donated four bicycles that were given away to four lucky kids in a drawing during Intermission activities. Thanks to all who donated and were in attendance for making this a special night at I-35 Speedway.

The USRA Hobby Stocks saw an increased number of entries as young driver Conner Masoner picked up his first victory at I-35 Speedway, also claiming the top spot in the heat race. Masoner was challenged every inch of the way by Corey Myers who held off the late race charge by Mich Ross to place second, leaving Ross third. Tyler Clark and Richard Sorensen finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

With the big money on the line the USRA B-Mod feature, USRA national points leader Chad Clancy again visited McCarthy Auto-Group Victory Lane at I-35 Speedway. Clancy was challeneged early and often by Jake Richards but all Richards could do was settle for second. Jim Cameron used the high line to challenge the leaders and also hold off Shadren Turner. Cameron finished third, leaving Turner in fourth. Jason Billups continues to rack up top-five finishes, as he saw the checkers in fifth. Heat race winners included Clancy, Richards and Lynn Starry. The "B" feature winner was Tony Manley.

In their true fashion and form, the USRA Stock Cars were two- and three-abreast the entire feature. Thomas Roberts, with a gallant inside move, took over the lead early and piloted his black Monte Carlo to victory lane. Roberts was challenged every step of the way by a very fast Dean Wray and Brett Heeter as they finished second and third by mere inches. Jeff Dixon searched the track for way around the leaders to no avail as he came home in fourth place. Jake Cameron used his Ford horsepower to place a solid fifth. Heat race winners were Wray and Cameron.

USRA Modifieds were the last to take to the near-perfect racing surface as Zach Sanders claimed feature win number five of the 2014 racing season, adding to an already impressive points lead. Doing double duty, Chad Clancy race Bud Wilson's USRA Modified to an impressive second-place finish. Jim Hopkins was the mover and shaker of the race, bringing his car to the third position. One time leader Shane Lawson recovered from a slip in turn 4 and raced his way back to finish fourth. John Hanson brought home an impressive fifth place showing. Heat race winners were Sanders and Lawson.

I-35 Speedway would again like to thank our great fans for filling the bleachers and backpacks on Walker Excavating and Kid’s Night at the Races. We would like to invite everyone back next week for more great racing action on AAA Transmission and CARB Night at the Races. Show-Me Vintage Racers will also be in attendance as CARB members will get free admission to the grand stands. We would also like to thank Heartland Auto Racing Show and Mike and Kyle Johnson for the added winner’s purse in the USRA B-Mod feature. Hope to see everyone next week for more “Dirt Trackin’ at its Best.”

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 3, 2014


1. 47x Conner Masoner (heat winner)
2. 15 Corey Myers
3. 34 Mich Ross
4. 7t Tyler Clark
5. 23 Richard Sorensen
6. 23g Greg Gilbert
7. 10x John Chipp


1. 21c Chad Clancy (heat winner)
2. 7j Jake Richards (heat winner)
3. 96c Jim Cameron
4. 17t Shadren Turner
5. 33j Jason Billups
6. 42 Gene Claxton
7. 211 Tim Eaton
8. 57 Randy Ainsworth
9. 15b Wes Bestgen
10. 3x Tony Manley
11. 95 Mike Nelson
12. 3c Justin Custer
13. 52m Dustin Miller
14. 54 Lynn Starry (heat winner)
15. 22b Mitch Booher
16. 3d Matt Dorssom
17. 76 Ronnie Miller
18. 319 Daniel Harris
19. 52r Richard Biggs
20. 9h Nic Hanes
21. 5r Jason Reeves


1. 65x Thomas Roberts
2. 77 Dean Wray (heat winner)
3. 05 Brett Heeter
4. 88 Jeff Dixon
5. 86c Jake Cameron (heat winner)
6. 77t Trent Jeanes
7. 54 Eddie Ingram
8. 14x Jon Boller Jr
9. 21h Billie Hoover
10. 75 Tracy Summers
11. 4 Darrel Whitt
12. 44f Bruce Fair
13. 83s Aaron Sauter


1. 69 Zach Sanders (heat winner)
2. 75c Chad Clancy
3. 71 Jim Hopkins
4. 17$ Shane Lawson (heat winner)
5. 2h John Hanson
6. 26 Randy Smith
7. 38 Anthony Logston
8. 78 Derrick Hicks
9. 56 Jeff Marriott
10. 26s Steven Glenn
11. 5d Shane Bailey
12. 98 Austin Johnson
13. 11 Darren Shaw

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