The ‘Candy Man’ can at ‘The Creek’
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May 16, 2015  |  by Bill Nelson

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—A warm and sticky Saturday afternoon greeted the fans and drivers at the Deer Creek Speedway this week. Mother Nature brewed up some storms which missed us most of the day and then just as all the heat races were completed a quick rain shower passed through.

Although not a lot of rain it took two hours with equipment and the help of some of our great drivers to roll the track in and back to racing. With the freshly reworked surface a lightning fast track was on hand for the feature events.

Cole Denner used his front row starting spot to take the lead in the Wagner Trucking USRA B-Mod main event. Brandon Hare was in second with Erik Kanz in third. A restart with two completed saw Kanz take over the second spot behind Denner. Another restart on lap five saw Kanz put heavy pressure on Denner but was unable to complete the pass.

Denner kept holding onto a slight advantage while Kylie Kath and Ben Moudry battled for the third spot. With ten completed Kanz was all over Denner again but Denner held the car in the preferred groove on the track and held on to take his first win at the speedway.

Kanz, Kath, Moudry and Hare rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Dustin Kruse, Denner, Kanz and Moudry.

Miah Christenson and Alex Williamson topped the “B” features.

For the fan who likes to see fast modifieds, tonight was the night to be at the speedway. ‘Wow’ sums up the speed of the USRA Modifies on a heavy track like this.

Josh Angst powered to the outside to lead lap 1 as a caution flew over the speedway. On the restart ‘The Candy Man’ led with Jason Cummins to his outside, but Cummins’s car shot hard up against the turn 3 wall ending his night and bringing out the second caution.

On the restart, Angst led with Les Duellman in second. Darwyn Karau and Joel Alberts raced for the third spot. Karau held onto the spot with Steve Wetzstein moving up to race Alberts for the fourth spot. Wetzstein took over the spot and then on another restart took over the third spot while Karau now sat in second. Another quick caution saw Wetzstein take over the second spot on the restart with Karau dropping back to third.

Lucas Schott and Duellman raced for fourth from lap 13-20 as Angst continued to pull slowly away from the field. On lap 23, Schott and Karau battled over the third spot.

At the finish it was Angst with his first feature win at the speedway ahead of Wetzstein, Karau, Schott and Duellman.

Heat races were won by Wetzstein, Cummins and Keith Foss.

Racing action resumes next Saturday with the annual A&A Electric & Underground Southern Minnesota Spring Challenge featuring the USMTS Modifieds and the Holley Iron Man Series featuring USRA Stock Cars and USRA B-Mods, plus Super Stocks and Street Stocks. Racing action is set to start at 6 p.m.


“A” Feature - Cole Denner, Erik Kanz, Kylie Kath, Ben Moudry, Brandon Hare, A.J. Zvorak, Cole Queensland, Scott Demmer, Trevor Fecht, Daniel Christopher, Shaun Walski, Miah Christenson, Dustin Kruse, Andrew Bleess, Rick Byrnes, Cole Lanergan, Jackson Hale, Tanner Johnston, Kadden Kath, John VanMinsel, Derek Clement, Brian Efkamp, Taylor Ausrud, Alex Williamson, J.T. Wasmund.

“B” Feature #1 - Williamson, Christopher, Lanergan, Hale, David Pitz, Kenny Boge Jr., Mike Chisholm, A.J. Johnston, Jayden Larson, Nick Wagner, Wasmund.

“B” Feature #2 - Christenson, Ka. Kath, Ausrud, Walski, Christian Warner, Channing Warner, Josh Ihlenfeld, Steve Quinnell, Tammy Soma Clark, Terry Kohnert.

Heat #1 - Kruse, Zvorak, Clement, Byrnes, Williamson, Wagner, Boge Jr., Hale, Quinnell, Walski.

Heat #2 - Denner, Hare, Demmer, Fecht, Christenson, Soma Clark, Kohnert, Cha. Warner, Wasmund.

Heat #3 - Kanz, Queensland, VanMinsel, Bleess, Christopher, Lanergan, Chisholm, Ihlenfeld, Pitz.

Heat #4 - Moudry, Kylie Kath, T. Johnston, Efkamp, Ausrud, Kadden. Kath, Chr. Warner, A. Johnston, Larson.


Feature - Josh Angst, Steve Wetzstein, Darwyn Karau, Lucas Schott, Les Duellman, Jacob Bleess, Joe Horgdal, Joel Alberts, Alan Wagner, Jacob Dahle, Greg Jensen, Craig Shaw, Joe Ludemann, Dwaine Hanson, Jason Cummins, Keith Foss, Brad Waits.

Heat #1 - Wetzstein, Schott, Karau, Horgdal, Hanson, Waits.

Heat #2 - Cummins, Bleess, Alberts, Duellman, Dahle, Jensen.

Heat #3 - Foss, Angst, Ludemann, Wagner, Shaw.

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