Cummins bags two grand from Tralo on Fan Appreciation Night at Chateau Raceway
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June 5, 2015  |  by Todd Narveson

Jason Cummins earned a cool $2,000 for his USRA Modified win at the Chateau Raceway on Friday, June 5. (Buck Monson Photo)

LANSING, Minn.—A beautiful night greeted a large crowd for Fan Appreciation Night at Chateau Raceway that feature free admission to the grandstand. Several new faces graced victory lane this week and the USRA Modifieds put on a show that will be talked about for quite some time.

Tralo Inc. of Owatonna sponsored the races and kicked in extra money for the drivers. The USRA Modified winner received an extra $500 while second place got $300 and third took home an extra $200. The USRA B-Mod winner got and extra $200 while second and third received a $150 bonus. There was also a challenge issued for the USRA Modifieds with a $1,000 bonus to any of the top six drivers that would fall to the back—if they could come through and win the 25-lap race, the bonus would be theirs.

The KIK Signs & Printing USRA B-Mods got started with a wallop as Raey Hastings IV nailed the wall in turn four on the first lap. Hastings was uninjured, but his car suffered heavy damage. Kylie Kath led the race but A.J. Zvorak worked his way up from the 10th spot and drove to second on lap 5.

Zvorak would get close on several occasions but just could not get by Kath for the lead. Kath sped on to his first win of the season with Zvorak a close second. Josh Mattick finished third while Mike Chisholm was fourth and Terry Kohnert finished fifth.

The French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified 25-lap feature was an absolute barn-burner. Four drivers—Dennis Hillson, Doug Hillson, Jason Cummins and Brandon Davis—took the challenge to drop to the tail for a possible $1,000 bonus if they could win.

Rookie USRA Modified pilot Dustin Sorensen jumped off of row 1 and drove away from the field in the early stages. Joe Horgdal and Steve Wetzstein raced for second on lap 6 while Sorensen was checked out. Cummins came from 13th and was sixth when the first caution flag waved on lap 6.

Wetzstein blew by Horgdal on the restart for second and got to the low side of Sorensen for the lead. Cummins got to fifth and Davis was right behind him in sixth. Wetzstein went side by side with Sorensen up front as Damon Haslip were three-abreast with Cummins and Davis for fourth. Wetzstein suddenly slowed on lap 9 and fell to the infield and Sorensen was again alone out front.

Cummins got by Haslip, was now third and set after Horgdal for second. Cummins got by on lap 11 but the second and final caution came out on lap 11. Sorensen was now under attack from Cummins for the lead when the green flag returned. Cummins got by to lead lap 12 while Davis was up to third and reeled in the leaders. Sorensen was unfazed and blasted around the top side of the track and returned the favor to pass Cummins on lap 13 for the lead.

Sorensen led by a couple of car lengths, but Cummins once again drove up to challenge on lap 17. The large crowd went crazy while the leaders again were side by side and put on an absolute show for the lead. Cummins wheeled back to the lead on lap 20 and fended off Sorensen the final five laps for his first win this season. Cummins earned a cool $2,000 for his win after all the bonus money was awarded. Sorensen finished second with Davis was third. Horgdal and Haslip rounded out the top 5.


Feature: Jason Cummins, Dustin Sorensen, Brandon Davis, Joe Horgdal, Damon Haslip, Doug Hillson, Joe Ludemann, Greg Jensen, Josh Mattick, Michael Wytaske, Steve Wetzstein, Dennis Hillson, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Darwyn Karau.

Heat #1: Cummins, Davis, Sorensen, Haslip, Dennis Hillson, Pfeifer, Wetzstein.

Heat #2: Karau, Doug Hillson, Horgdal, Mattick, Ludemann, Wytaske, Jensen.


Feature: Kylie Kath, A.J. Zvorak, Josh Mattick, Mike Chisholm, Terry Kohnert, Mark Wytaske, Josh Ihlenfeld, Morgan Schrage, Christian Warner, David Henderson, Kadden Kath, Raey Hastings IV.

Heat #1: Kylie Kath, Chisholm, Wytaske, Kadden Kath, Zvorak, Kohnert.

Heat #2: Mattick, Ihlenfeld, Hastings, Warner, Henderson, Schrage.

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