Waits, Queensland win at Deer Creek Speedway
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June 6, 2015  |  by Bill Nelson

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—The first feature of the night Saturday at the Deer Creek Speedway was the Wagner Trucking USRA B-Mods. After a complete restart Dan Hovden jumped out to the early lead. Some tough fought battles in the early part of the feature saw a couple early yellows.

The yellows benefitted Cole Queensland as his machine held the bottom of the speedway better than others. After three yellows a lap eight restart saw Queensland fight into the second spot on the speedway after starting thirteenth on the field. By Lap ten Queensland had pulled alongside of Erik Kanz for the top spot.

Kanz took away the top spot on a lap five restart. Queensland took over the lead on lap eleven and was never challenged the rest of the way to the finish. Kanz, Hovden, Kylie Kath and Ben Moudry rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by A.J. Zvorak, Cole Denner, Brandon Hare and Kyle Anderson.

“Mr. Waits” has been the name in the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds since getting onto the track in May. Brad Waits jumped into the early lead from the outside of row one.

Josh Angst quickly took over the second spot and kept his eye on Waits throughout the race even getting alongside of him early on. But the cagey veteran moved down and took away the line that Angst was quickest on.

Bob Timm in third spot found a different line later in the race and put his car up along the wall and was probably the fastest car on the track over the last few laps. But he found the line too late and was unable to make a late race pass for the second spot. Brandon Davis and Lucas Schott also worked through the field into the top five after starting mid-pack. At the finish it was Waits with the win, Angst, Timm, Davis and Schott rounded out the top five. Davis and Waits won the heat race action.

Racing action resumes next Saturday with action in all five classes starting at 6:00. The slingshots race on Button Buck Speedway starting at 3:00. Also Saturday night is Bike Night, bring your motorcycle to the speedway by 4:00 to display it and get into the races for free.


Feature: Cole Queensland, Erik Kanz, Dan Hovden, Kylie Kath, Ben Moudry, Brandon Hare, Alex Williamson, Kadden Kath, Kyle Anderson, Andrew Bleess, Dan Tenold, Cole Denner, Nick Wagner, Jackson Hale, Mike Chisholm, Kenny Boge Jr. Bill Stettner, Tammy Soma Clark, Jayden Larson, Charlie Steinberg, David Pitz, A.J. Zvorak, Dakota Foster, Taylor Ausrud, Scott Demmer, Trevor Fecht.

Heat 1: Zvorak, Hovden, Kanz, Hale, Larson, Boge, Fecht.

Heat 2: Denner, Kylie Kath, Kadden Kath, Queensland, Foster, Demmer, Soma Clark.

Heat 3: Hare, Pitz, Moudry, Steinberg, Chisholm, Bleess.

Heat 4: Anderson, Williamson, Ausrud, Tenold, Wagner, Stettner.


Feature: Brad Waits, Josh Angst, Bob Timm, Brandon Davis, Lucas Schott, Jacob Bleess, Joe Horgdal, Jake Timm, Dustin Sorensen, Joel Alberts, Cory Crapser, Greg Jensen, Alan Wagner, Allen Stettner, Darwyn Karau, Michael Wytaske.

Heat 1: Davis, B. Timm, Angst, Bleess, Sorensen, J. Timm, Alberts, Jensen.

Heat 2: Waits, Crapser, Schott, Horgdal, Karau, Wagner, Stettner, Wytaske.

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