Cutshaw, Jackson score on Championship Night at Lucas Oil Speedway
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August 29, 2015  |  by Denae Robinson

Kris Jackson (65) battles with Mike Striegel (17) in USRA B-Mod action.
Kris Jackson (65) battles with Mike Striegel (17) in USRA B-Mod action.

WHEATLAND, Mo.—There was no shortage of fans as drivers strapped in Saturday and battled it out for their place in the final points standings at Lucas Oil Speedway on Bill Roberts Chevrolet-Buick Night.

Wheatland's Mike Striegel sealed the deal in the USRA B-Mods by grabbing his first track championship and holding off three-year consecutive champion Kris Jackson.

Mike Striegel is ecstatic after being named the 2015 USRA B-Mod track champion.Meanwhile, Jeff Cutshaw of Bolivar became the Pitts Homes USRA Modified track champion for the second year in a row.

The USRA B-Mod feature led into a three-man race for first between Shawn Strong, Jackson and Chase Austin which lasted the majority of the feature.

Points leader Striegel joined them halfway through the race after starting way in the back. Striegel attempted a last-lap pass around Jackson but fell a half-car length short.

Striegel sealed up the 2015 track championship in the USRA B-Mods, snapping Jackson's three-year championship streak.

Jackson scored the feature win but Striegel put on a show to come in second after starting in 19th.

Austin, Chad Clancy and Strong rounded out the top 5 in a superior field of USRA B-Mod drivers.

Kris Jackson takes another trip to Andy's Frozen Custard Victory Lane in the USRA B-Mods.

Cutshaw rolled out of the pit area onto the speedway in the pole position with hopes of securing his second straight track championship in the Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds.

The road to victory seemed easy to Cutshaw as he led every lap en route to his feature win and ultimately another championship.

Mitch Keeter of Webb City stayed within striking distance of Cutshaw but couldn't get it done so he rested in second.

Terry Schultz held off Eric Turner to finish third while Jason Russell started fifth and finished there.

Jeff Cutshaw is named the USRA Modified track champion and also scored a feature win.

The Lucas Oil MLRA visits the Lucas Oil Speedway for their fourth time in 2015 on Sept. 5 for the Larry Phillips Memorial presented by G2 Gemini Apparel. The Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds will also be in action as the drivers battle for a special $1,000 top prize courtesy of Behlin Building Systems and Bret Givens Construction.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015


Heat #1: 1. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 2. Tyler Milner, Huntsville; 3. Rusty Rickard, Shell Knob; 4. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 5. Ryan Edde, Urbana; 6. Michael Stake, Phillipsburg; 7. Jason Brigman, West Plains; 8. Davis Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 9. Nate Thomas, Conway.

Heat #2: 1. Shawn Strong, Billings; 2. Cody Nivens, Pleasant Hope; 3. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland; 4. Doug Scism, Nevada; 5. Coleman Browning, Cameron; 6. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 7. Morgan Campbell, Nevada; 8. Steven Short, Urbana; 9. Scott Chism, Bolivar.

Heat #3: 1. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 2. -Chase Austin, Eudora , Kan.; 3. Cayden Campbell, Nevada; 4. Tyler Brown, Richland; 5. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 6. Kenton Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 7. Robb Ewing, Stockton; 8. Jeff McNew, Blue Springs; 9. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar.

Heat #4: 1. Chuck Dobson, Wheatland; 2. Cole Reed, Sheldon; 3. Nic Bennett, Gain Valley; 4. Joshua Barnes, Cameron; 5. Riley Whitworth, Humbolt, Kan.; 6. Jenica Thomas, Conway; 7. David Harris, Chilhowee; 8. Eric Graves, Richland.

Heat #5: 1. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 2. Chad Clancy, Liberty ; 3. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 4. Gary Clark, Walker; 5. Christopher Morelock, Springfield; 6. Craig Mintz, Humboldt, Kan.; 7. Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee; 8. Jamie Judy, Joplin.

B-Feature #1: 1. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 2. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 3. Gary Clark, Walker; 4. Jason Brigman, West Plains; 5. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 6. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 7. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 8. Coleman Browning, Cameron; 9. Morgan Campbell, Nevada; 10. Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee; 11. Nate Thomas, Conway; 12. Jenica Thomas, Conway; 13. Eric Graves, Richland; 14. Steven Short, Urbana.

B-Feature #2: 1. Ryan Edde, Urbana; 2. Michael Stake, Phillipsburg; 3. Davis Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 4. Scott Chism, Bolivar; 5. Kenton Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 6. Jeff McNew, Blue Springs; 7. Craig Mintz, Humboldt, Kan.; 8. Jamie Judy, Joplin; 9. Christopher Morelock, Springfield; 10. Riley Whitworth, Humbolt, Kan.; 11. David Harris, Chilhowee; 12. Doug Scism, Nevada; 13. Robb Ewing, Stockton.

A-Feature: 1. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 2. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 3. -Chase Austin, Eudora , Kan.; 4. Chad Clancy, Liberty ; 5. Shawn Strong, Billings; 6. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 7. Michael Stake, Phillipsburg; 8. Tyler Brown, Richland; 9. Chuck Dobson, Wheatland; 10. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 11. Tyler Milner, Huntsville; 12. Joshua Barnes, Cameron; 13. Nic Bennett, Gain Valley; 14. Gary Clark, Walker; 15. Jason Brigman, West Plains; 16. Ryan Edde, Urbana; 17. Scott Chism, Bolivar; 18. Davis Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 19. Cody Nivens, Pleasant Hope; 20. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 21. Rusty Rickard, Shell Knob; 22. Cayden Campbell, Nevada; 23. Cole Reed, Sheldon; 24. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland.


Heat #1: 1. Jon Sheets, Nevada; 2. Lance Town, Louisburg, Kan.; 3. Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 4. John Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 5. Chase Jones, Eldorado Springs; 6. Christopher Moon, Sedalia; 7. John Fellers, Flemington; 8. Tracy Wolf, Buffalo; 9. Nathan Vaughn, Lincoln.

Heat #2: 1. Eric Turner, Hermitage; 2. Mitch Keeter, Webb City; 3. Brandon Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 4. Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs; 5. Dave Elson, Springfield; 6. Chris Tonoli, Hermitage; 7. Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan.; 8. Jeremy Chambers, Parsons, Kan.; 9. Jesse Willard, Pleasanton, Kan.

Heat #3: 1. Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar; 2. Jason Russell, Henley; 3. Terry Kirk, Urbana; 4. Chase Domer, Nevada; 5. Jason Pursley, Hermitage; 6. Mike Camarillo, Webb City; 7. Charles Benedict Jr., Independence; 8. David Ralph, Raymore.

Feature: 1. Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar; 2. Mitch Keeter, Webb City; 3. Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 4. Eric Turner, Hermitage; 5. Jason Russell, Henley; 6. Jon Sheets, Nevada; 7. Terry Kirk, Urbana; 8. Chase Domer, Nevada; 9. Brandon Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 10. Chase Jones, Eldorado Springs; 11. Jeremy Chambers, Parsons, Kan.; 12. Jason Pursley, Hermitage; 13. John Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 14. Mike Camarillo, Webb City; 15. Lance Town, Louisburg, Kan.; 16. Jesse Willard, Pleasanton, Kan.; 17. John Fellers, Flemington; 18. Chris Tonoli, Hermitage; 19. Tracy Wolf, Buffalo; 20. David Ralph, Raymore; 21. Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs; 22. Nathan Vaughn, Lincoln; 23. Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan.; 24. Christopher Moon, Sedalia; 25. Charles Benedict Jr., Independence; 26. Dave Elson, Springfield.

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