Rain-shortened race gives Gallardo gold
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June 24, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

The storm was headed to the track and the racing was gonna create it’s own storm Friday at the Western Tech Speedway Park in El Paso, Texas. The USRA Modifieds were back with a vengeance as the night got started. The Gallardos have been laying down the law in that class but support classes had some high-flying action as well. In the USRA Stock Cars, Jason Josselyn was looking for four wins in a row while holding off a tough field.

The USRA Stock Cars took to the track quickly tonight for 12 laps. Jason Josselyn would take the lead quickly and lead lap 1 but Cliff Everage was hot on his heals for the first few laps and it looked liked four in a row would be a little bit of a challenge for Josselyn. Only five in though and Josselyn was smooth and consistent pulling almost a full straight away ahead of Everage. Josselyn would find his own zip code and continue to chug along, as he would be over a half-track ahead when the checkered flag waved. Everage was good tonight but nobody would have been able to stop Josselyn and second will do. Nathan Smith brings it into third after early trouble.

USRA Modifieds were scheduled for 25 laps but the storm was coming and these guys where getting ancy. Royal Jones would start on the pole and give it a run for the front all night long. Jake Gallardo started on the outside front row and went straight to the front. Jones would make one attempt back at Gallardo before he had a bumper full of Fito Gallardo. After two laps Fito Gallardo passed Jones on the low side and went to work on his son, Jake Gallardo. Winds were picking up heavy after five laps but track was still in prime condition. The top three where almost bumper to bumper with six in. The caution would fly as Jake Gallardo was finally pulling from his dad, but we rebunched the field and things got interesting quick. Under the yellow the rains came knockin and the sky’s where opening the floodgates. Track slicking up but we go back racing and Jones was loving it as he went straight into second headed for the lead! Jones heads for the bumper of Jake Gallardo loses a motor down the front stretch! Jake Gallardo was done after leading every lap so far. With nine complete and 16 to go, Jones would slide up just enough and under went Fito Gallardo to the lead. Jones was right back on him but the track was getting worse and Donavon Flores was charging with an open track in front of him. Yellow would fly for a car up and over turn 3 with 12 to go. Under yellow the bucket was dumped and the rains became too intense. He track was slick and no more racing could be completed. Fito Gallardo would be declared the winner in this one after having to cut it 13 laps short. Jones looked to be loving the rain-slicked track but he’ll have to wait till next time because second is where he stopped. After a hard charge in the rain, Flores will take home a solid third place tonight.

If you missed the action tonight then do not miss out next weekend as we go racing with the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint Cars. Also next weekend is the best fireworks show that El Paso has ever seen right here at the racetrack. Gates open early and racing starts at 7:45. Don’t be late because the show wont wait.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Western Tech Speedway Park, El paso, Texas
Friday, June 24, 2016

1. G17 Fito Gallardo
2. 131 Royal Jones
3. 07 Donavon Flores
4. 101 Butch Reid
5. 65 Carlos Ahumada Jr.
6. 9 Jimmy Ray
7. 187 Anton Salopek
8. 85 Austin Adams
9. 50 Ralph Adams, Jr.
10. 44 Christy Georges-Barnett
11. 28 Tom Georges
12. 23 Kevn Clark
13. 37 Fred Gibson
14. J17 Jake Gallardo
15. 15x Sean Bowman
16. 49 Duane Murphy
DNS - 43 Chad Falco

1. 74 Jason Josselyn
2. 11 Cliff Evrage
3. 88 Nathan Smith
4. 00et Ed Engel
5. 20 Jon McDaniel
6. 13 Victor Colorbio
7. 11v Miguel Vigil
8. 44jt Jaime Torres

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