Jones wins Hella Shrine Classic at RPM Speedway
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July 29, 2016  |  by Don Cook

CRANDALL, Texas—RPM Speedway held their annual Hella Shrine Classic Friday night. A great crowd and a good car count was on hand for a great cause.

There were five classes of cars with the featured class being the impressive Texas Outlaw Modified Series. A full field of 32 USRA Modifieds were in the house.

In the 25-lap, $1,500-to-win, twenty-four-car "A" feature, Sean Jones worked his way past Sam Cox for the lead and the feature win.

Bobby Malcus ended up second, current points leader Triston Dycus had a strong run for third, Billy Melton was fourth and Max Eddie Thomas was fifth.

Wheeler, Bobby Ruffin, Troy Taylor, Cox and Philip Houston rounded out the top ten.

The next race for the Texas Outlaw Modified Series (TOMS) is at the Superbowl Speedway in Greenville, Texas, on Saturday night, July 30.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series - Texas Outlaw Modified Series
RPM Speedway, Crandall, Texas
Friday, July 29, 2016


Heat #1: 1. Billy Jack Brutchin, Gladewater; 2. Michael Needham, Grand Prairie; 3. Bobby Ruffin, Crandall; 4. Troy Taylor, Midlothian; 5. Charlie Smith, Forney; 6. Jim Knight, Grand Prarie; 7. Blaine Shives, Denison; 8. Kirk Acord, Mansfield; 9. Jeff Needham, Ennis.

Heat #2: 1. Chad Ewell, Forney; 2. Sean Jones, Mansfield; 3. Johnny Philpot, Jr., Rockwall; 4. Shawn Gammage, Greenville; 5. Josh Landers, Princeton; 6. Jason Hammond, Graham; 7. John DeBorde, Kaufman.

Heat #3: 1. Billy Melton, Longview; 2. Logan Robertson, Shamrock; 3. Sam Cox;; 4. G.W. Egbert, Belton; 5. Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 6. Triston Dycus, Waxahachie; 7. Mike Dillard;; 8. Lance Plant, Kaufman.

Heat #4: 1. Micheal Walker, Royse City; 2. Max Eddie Thomas, Quinlan; 3. Wesley Veal, Princeton; 4. Billy Brierton, Greenville; 5. Colby Smith, Greenville; 6. Bobby Malchus, Red Oak; 7. Skip O'Neal, Midolothian; 8. Philip Houston.

B-Main #1: 1. Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 2. Troy Taylor, Midlothian; 3. Triston Dycus, Waxahachie; 4. Philip Houston;; 5. Blaine Shives, Denison; 6. Jim Knight, Grand Prarie; 7. Charlie Smith, Forney; 8. Mike Dillard;; 9. Kirk Acord, Mansfield; 10. G.W. Egbert, Belton; 11. Lance Plant, Kaufman.

B-Main #2: 1. Bobby Malchus, Red Oak; 2. Billy Brierton, Greenville; 3. Shawn Gammage, Greenville; 4. Chad Wheeler;; 5. Skip O'Neal, Midolothian; 6. Jeff Needham, Ennis; 7. Jason Hammond, Graham; 8. Colby Smith, Greenville; 9. John DeBorde, Kaufman; 10. Josh Landers, Princeton.

A-Main: 1. Sean Jones, Mansfield; 2. Bobby Malchus, Red Oak; 3. Triston Dycus, Waxahachie; 4. Billy Melton, Palestine; 5. Max Eddie Thomas, Quinlan; 6. Chad Wheeler;; 7. Bobby Ruffin, Crandall; 8. Troy Taylor, Midlothian; 9. Sam Cox;; 10. Philip Houston;; 11. Randy arrison, Royse City; 12. Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 13. Shawn Gammage, Greenville; 14. Chad Ewell, Forney; 15. Wesley Veal, Princeton; 16. Billy Brierton, Greenville; 17. Logan Robertson, Shamrock; 18. G.W. Egbert, Belton; 19. Kirk Acord, Mansfield; 21. Michael Needham, Grand Prairie; 22. Johnny Philpot, Jr., Rockwall; 23. Billy Jack Brutchin, Gladewater.

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