Hofmeyer picks up win at Huset’s Speedway
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June 22, 2006  |  by Heather Riffel

BRANDON, S.D. -- Adding to his USRA B-Modified win total this season during Thursday Night Thriller action at Husetís Speedway was Andy Hofmeyer.

Hofmeyer was able to lead every lap in the USRA B-Modified feature.

Behind Hofmeyer, Clint Potter and Dan Van Bruggen battled for the third position.

The only car that had a chance at catching Hofmeyer was Harvey VandeWeerd but on the last lap VandeWeerd and Van Bruggen fought it out for second with both cars touching.

They were both able to hold on behind Hofmeyer who picked up his second win of the year.

VandeWeerd ended up in the second position while Van Bruggen came in third.

Clint Potter came in fourth while Nick DeLeeuw placed in fifth.


Husetís Speedway, Brandon, S.D.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

USRA B-Modifieds

Heat -- 1. Andy Hofmeyer, Alton, Iowa; 2. Harvey VandeWeerd, Granville, Iowa; 3. Dan Van Bruggen, Hospers, Iowa; 4. Clint Potter, Crooks; 5. Nick DeLeeuw, Orange City, Iowa; 6. Chad DeVries, Sioux Center, Iowa; 7. Tate Eining, Sioux Falls.

A-Main -- 1. Hofmeyer; 2. VandeWeerd; 3. Van Bruggen; 4. Potter; 5. DeLeeuw; 6. DeVries; 7. Eining.

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