Kalass controls Holley USRA Stock Car feature at Nobles County Speedway
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July 22, 2017  |  by Steve Zwemke

Spencer Kalass won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

Spencer Kalass had the fans cheering on Pizza Ranch Night as he controlled the Holley USRA Stock Car feature at Nobles County Speedway Saturday. Kalass did an excellent job of hitting his marks while Rich Gregoire, Roger Verdoorn, Kevin Debaere and Luke Sathoff wrestled for positions in a tight four-car pack. Kalass was able to gain just enough of an advantage over the four competitors to stay out of the fray and race to his first win. Gregoire smartly battled his way to second while Sathoff finished third ahead of Verdoorn and Debaere.

The Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature was just as exciting as Dave Kennedy held off Kole Nordquist over the last couple of laps for his first NCS wins. An exuberant Kennedy pounded on his car’s roof and let out a “yeah” that didn’t need a microphone to be heard throughout the grandstand! Kennedy led all 15 laps and left nothing on the bottom for Nordquist who came from sixth. Curt Ahlers was on the move late in the race. He passed Cullen De Ruyter and Devon Schlumbohm to take third. Ahlers finish allowed him to move to within just 10 points of De Ruyter, the division’s points leader.

Dave Kennedy won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Chad Lonneman is a two-time winner after beating Blake Arends and Dan Strandberg to the finish line in the Schwalbach Plumbing and Heating USRA Hobby Stock A-Main. Lonneman and Arends both started on the front row. Dustin Gulbrandson, who has a penchant for starting near the back every week, raced from 16th to fourth as the race’s hard charger. Strandberg, who has finished outside the top five just once, continues to enjoy a triple digit points lead over Jason Bradley.

Chad Lonneman won the USRA Hobby Stock feature.

The Afterhour Graphics and Awards USRA Tuners had fans on the edge of their seats when Sioux City drivers Luke Jackson and Danny VanderVeen raced door-to-door over the final laps. After making contact, Jackson and VanderVeen crossed the line almost simultaneously. Jackson was determined the winner. He came from the sixth starting positon. Kent Miller also led part of the race. He crossed third.

Luke Jackson won the USRA Tuner feature.

The season continues on Saturday, July 29, as racing is sponsored by The Ground Round and the Holiday Inn Express in Worthington. Check Nobles County Speedway’s Facebook site for updates or go to www.noblescountyspeedway.com.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Nobles County Speedway, Worthington, Minn.
Saturday, July 22, 2017


Feature: 1. Spencer Kalass (Luverne, MN), 2. Rich Gregoire (Russell, MN), 3. Luke Sathoff (Jackson, MN), 4. Roger Verdoorn (Sibley, IA), 5. Kevin DeBaere (Tracy, MN), 6. Gary Mattison (Lamberton, MN), 7. Jon DeBoer (Little Rock, IA), 8. Derrick Nordstrom (Sioux Falls, SD), 9. Brandon Murphy (Worthington, MN), 10. Derek Voehl (Lakefield, MN), DNS: Dylan Fitzpatrick (Sioux Falls, SD).

Heat winners: Jon DeBoer, Roger Verdoorn.


Feature: 1. Dave Kennedy (Sioux Falls, SD), 2. Kole Nordquist (Beresford, SD), 3. Curt Ahlers (Flandreau, SD), 4. Devon Schlumbohm (Sioux Falls, SD), 5. Cullen De Ruyter (Ruthton, MN), 6. Kevin Joachim (Larchwood, IA), 7. Mitch Van Engen (Doon, IA), 8. Chris Goetz (Centerville, SD), 9. Nate Barger (Madison, SD), 10. Austin Powell (Rutland, SD), 11. Danny Myrvold (Westbrook, MN), 12. Cole Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD), 13. Jeff Wittrock (Sioux Falls, SD), 14. Darrin Noyes (Sioux Falls, SD), 15. Chris Moore (Madison, SD), DQ: Jeremiah Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD).

Heat winners: Dave Kennedy, Devon Schlumbohm, Danny Myrvold.


Feature: 1. Chad Lonneman (Adrian, MN), 2. Blake Arends (Little Rock, IA), 3. Dan Strandberg (Worthington, MN), 4. Dustin Gulbrandson (Sioux Falls, SD), 5. Nick Brady (Sioux Falls, SD), 6. Nick Schilling (Sanborn, IA), 7. Dylan Vanden Top (Rock Rapids, IA), 8. Corey Gronewald (Worthington, MN), 9. Jason Bradley (Sioux Falls, SD), 10. Travis Christensen (Sioux Falls, SD), 11. Jackson Kracht (Luverne, MN), 12. Joel Norris (Sioux Falls, SD), 13. Josh Bradley (Harrisburg, SD), 14. Nick Janssen (Sioux Falls, SD), 15. Scott Lutz (Lennox, SD), 16. Jay Torgerson (Sioux Falls, SD), DQ: Tom Kracht (Luverne, MN).

Heat winners: Nick Brady, Nick Schilling, Blake Arends.


Feature: 1. Luke Jackson (Sioux City, IA), 2. Danny VanderVeen (Sioux City, IA), 3. Kent Miller (Milroy, MN), 4. Scott Espy (Alpha, MN), 4. Dylan Schreier (Hadley, MN), 5. Joshua Uhl (Luverne, MN), 6. Matt Smith (Milroy, MN), 7. Robert Pottratz (Lynd, MN).

Heat winners: Scott Espy, Luke Jackson.

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