Sathoff, Moudry, Schlumbohm, Jackson winners at Nobles County Speedway
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August 26, 2017  |  by Steve Zwemke

Luke Sathoff won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

Ashley Dauer, Jesse James Construction, Marthaler Automotive and anonymous donors put a purse together for the Holley USRA Stock Cars at the Nobles County Speedway on Saturday.

The class originally had the night off, but with rain cancelling races at other area tracks it was “game on.”

Luke Sathoff and Matt Schauer went tooth-and-nail all night with Schauer winning the heat and Sathoff taking his fifth feature.

The familiar competitors race the same engine.

Their side-by-side racing was some of the best the division has seen all year, especially in the their heat race (not like the Stock Cars are ever dull).

Sathoff carries a 38-point lead over Rich Gregoire into the season championships.

Ben Moudry is three-for-three at Nobles County Speedway after he earned the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod win convincingly.

Moudry came back to Worthington after Thursday’s Iron Man Challenge win when Saturday’s Iron Man event was rained out in South Dakota.

Moudry passed early leader Dave Kennedy to get to the front.

Josh Meyer and Jayden Larson grabbed second and third. Larson passed seven cars.

Ben Moudry won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Tyler Schlumbohm has become a major force in the USRA Hobby Stocks in a short amount of time with his second feature win in two weeks.

Schlumbohm had a full straight-away lead over Dan Strandberg, Dustin Gulbrandson and Justin Luinenberg when the race was checkered.

Strandberg will walk into Saturday’s championship night with the division’s title.

Three feature wins over the first three nights of racing were instrumental in Strandberg’s current 175-point lead over Jason Bradley.

Tyler Schlumbohm won the USRA Hobby Stock feature.

The USRA Tuners pitted a season high 13 cars.

Luke Jackson passed Danny VanderVeen for the lead and the eventual win—his third.

Austin Friedrich charged to second.

Luke Jackson won the USRA Tuner feature.

The Nobles County Speedway will crown champions in all divisions during the season’s final night of racing next Saturday, Sept. 2.

Hot laps begin at 7 p.m.

Visit Nobles County Speedway’s Facebook page for updates throughout the week and log onto

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Nobles County Speedway, Worthington, Minn.
Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017


Feature: 1. Luke Sathoff, Jackson; 2. Matt Schauer, Arlington; 3. Gary Mattison, Lamberton; 4. Brandon Murphy, Worthington; 5. Jon DeBoer, Little Rock, Iowa; 6. Roger Verdoorn, Sibley, Iowa; 7. Rich Gregoire, Russell.

Heat winner: Schauer.


Feature: 1. Ben Moudry, Hastings; 2. Josh Meyer, Fairmont; 3. Jayden Larson, Mankato; 4. Miah Christensen, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 5. Jason Andrews, Estherville, Iowa; 6. Cullen De Ruyter, Ruthton; 7. Mitch Van Engen, Doon, Iowa; 8. Devon Schlumbohm, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 9. Tyler Tesch, Lennox, S.D.; 10. Nick Barger, Madison, S.D.; 11. Curt Ahlers, Flandreau, S.D.; 12. Eric Faber, Sioux Center, Iowa; 13. Cole Christensen, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 14. Mason Voight, Arlington; 15. Trevor Tesch, Worthing, S.D.; 16. Kole Nordquist, Beresford, S.D.; 17. Darin Noyes, Sioux Falls, S.D.; DNS - Justin DeBoer, Grenada; Brian Spaude, Gibbon; DQ - Dave Kennedy, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Heat winners: Schlumbohm, Meyer, Moudry.


Feature: 1. Tyler Schlumbohm, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 2. Dan Strandberg, Worthington; 3. Dustin Gulbrandson, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 4. Justin Luinenberg, Reading; 5. Joel Norris, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 6. Chris Plamann, Hutchinson; 7. Nick Brady, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 8. Jim Ross, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 9. Todd Uhl, Sheldon, Iowa; 10. Silas Top, Hardwick; 11. Jason Bradley, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 12. Nick Janssen, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 13. Jason Paulson, Hills; 14. Cody Hann, 15. Corey Gronewald, Worthington; 16. Nick Schilling, Sanborn, Iowa; 17. Brent Van Mill, Alvord, Iowa; 18. Josh Bradley, Harrisburg, S.D.; 19. Kyle Sidles, Emmetsburg, Iowa; 20. Jake Manitz, Sibley, Iowa; 21. Ben Peterson, Granada.

Heat winners: Gulbrandson, Luinenberg, Strandberg.


Feature: 1. Luke Jackson, Sioux City, Iowa; 2. Austin Friedrich, St. James; 3. Danny VanderVeen, Sioux City, Iowa; 4. Bubba Brown, Jackson; 5. Scott Espey, Alpha; 6. Kent Miller, Milroy; 7. Seth Bodlak, Sioux City, Iowa; 8. David Bales, Hover, NE; 9. Robert Pottratz, Lynd; 10. Joshua Uhl, Luverne; 11. Dylan Schreier, Hadley; 12. Roberto Esqueda, Medelia; 13. David Williams, Canby.

Heat winners: VanderVeen, Uhl.

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