I-35 Speedway remembers Bud Wilson
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January 14, 2018  |  by J.D. Green

Families that race together stay together.

We have all heard this saying, even seen it printed on T-shirts, including the Racin for Rian shirts at the I-35 Speedway.

In a standing room only crowd at the A.V. Spillman Center in Jamesport, Mo., on Saturday, the racing community proved this fact as we recanted stories of our family member, Bud Wilson.

Love was in the air. Love for the immediate family, love for each other and love for our sport.

Everyone there was touched by Wilson in various roles: as a fellow competitor at the track, co-worker, dad, uncle, son, husband, friend and family member.

Wilson touched many in his 48 years and touched several in his passing as an organ donor.

Some of the stories were simply amazing.

His helping another racer by bringing him a new tire for the right rear because he would rather race you on the track fair and square than beat you in the pits.

Some of these stories were shared publicly, some were shared with each other and some were overheard after the celebration of life was formally completed, but we all know we will be celebrating Bud Wilson for the rest of our lives.

One person earned the nickname "Stinky Fingers" because of a practical joke Wilson played on him when they worked together.

Stories of mistakes made on the track and Wilson being the first in their pit to not be angry but instead admit his mistake or figure out what happened in a polite manner.

Stories of his best buddy, Murph... where you found one you found the other.

Stories of Wilson as a peacemaker.

Stories which are being put in place at I-35 Speedway this next year because of Wilson’s passion for racing as a competitor, fan and mentor to the younger generation.

Wilson meant so much to so many and he will live on in our hearts, memories and lives.

As we journey on through life there will be times each of us will remember a Wilson statement, smile, wink, lesson or phone call.

He was family to each of us.

Families that race together stay together.

Thank you, Bud, for being a part of our lives.

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