Bakker, Cressman, Deutsch score Huset's Speedway wins
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July 1, 2007

Colter Deutsch of Ellsworth, Minn., captured the USRA B-Mod feature at Huset's Speedway on Sunday, July 1.

BRANDON, S.D. Gregg Bakker raced from the pole position to score his first Huset's Speedway USRA Outlaw Sprint feature win of the year while Johnn Cressman scored the USRA Championship Sprint win from 12th. Colter Deutsch took the USRA B-Mod win.

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USRA Casey's General Stores Weekly Racing Series
Huset's Speedway, Brandon, S.D.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

USRA Outlaw Sprint Cars

Heat #1: 1. Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls; 2. Jake Peters, Sioux Falls; 3. Chuck McGillivray, Madison; 4. John Lambertz, Sioux Falls; 5. Robert Bell, Colfax, Iowa; 6. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 7. Joe Riedel, Harrisburg.

Heat #2: 1. Gary Dewall, Jackson, Minn.; 2. Scott Winters, Butterfield, Minn.; 3. Micah Schliemann, Hartford; 4. Bill Boles, Harris, Iowa; 5. John Miller, Plankinton; 6. Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 7. Jordan Martens, Harrisburg; 8. Dusty Zomer, Brandon.

Heat #3: 1. Wade Nygaard, Fargo, N.D.; 2. Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, N.D.; 3. Billy Alley, Lincoln, Neb.; 4. Dusty Wasmund, Sioux Falls; 5. Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls; 6. Shane Spurlock, Dell Rapids; 7. Marlon Jones, Harrisburg.

A Feature: 1. Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls; 2. Scott Winters, Butterfield, Minn.; 3. Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, N.D.; 4. Gary Dewall, Jackson, Minn.; 5. Jake Peters, Sioux Falls; 6. Billy Alley, Lincoln, Neb.; 7. Bill Boles, Harris, Iowa; 8. Dusty Wasmund, Sioux Falls; 9. Jordan Martens, Harrisburg; 10. Marlon Jones, Harrisburg; 11. Chuck McGillivray, Madison; 12. John Lambertz, Sioux Falls; 13. Mitch Runge, Sioux Falls; 14. Micah Schliemann, Hartford; 15. Wade Nygaard, Fargo, N.D.; 16. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; 17. Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 18. Jesse Drost, Rushmore, Minn.; 19. Joe Riedel, Harrisburg; 20. Robert Bell, Colfax, Iowa; 21. John Miller, Plankinton; 22. Dusty Zomer, Brandon; 23. Shane Spurlock, Dell Rapids.

USRA Championship Sprint Cars

Heat #1: 1. Casey Abbas, Sioux Falls; 2. Cody Hansen, Nunda; 3. Brock Dump, Sioux Falls; 4. Cory Krueger, Brandon; 5. Troy Vink, Tea; 6. Jared Jansen, Sioux Falls.

Heat #2: 1. Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 2. Johnn Cressman, Hartford; 3. Justin Jacobsma, Hull, Iowa; 4. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 5. Trisha Underberg, Sioux Falls; 6. Terry Chester, Parker.

Heat #3: 1. Kevin Flowers, Hartford; 2. Eric McGillivray, Canton; 3. Brandon Rokusek, Geddes; 4. Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls; 5. Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa.

A Feature: 1. Johnn Cressman, Hartford; 2. Casey Abbas, Sioux Falls; 3. Kevin Flowers, Hartford; 4. Justin Jacobsma, Hull, Iowa; 5. Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 6. Ryan Bickett, Ramona; 7. Brandon Rokusek, Geddes; 8. Cody Hansen, Nunda; 9. Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa; 10. Butch Hanssen, Sioux Falls; 11. Troy Vink, Tea; 12. Jared Jansen, Sioux Falls; 13. Terry Chester, Parker; 14. Cory Krueger, Brandon; 15. Eric McGillivray, Canton; 16. Trisha Underberg, Sioux Falls; 17. Brock Dump, Sioux Falls.


Heat: 1. Clint Potter, Crooks; 2. Colter Deutsch, Ellsworth, Minn.; 3. Tate Eining, Sioux Falls; 4. Andy Kotek, Woodlake, Minn.; 5. Kyle Nordquist, Beresford; 6. Jim Petterson, Madison; 7. Greg Roemen, Ellsworth, Minn.; 8. Keaton Sweeney, Beresford.

A Feature: 1. Colter Deutsch, Ellsworth, Minn.; 2. Andy Kotek, Woodlake, Minn.; 3. Tate Eining, Sioux Falls; 4. Keaton Sweeney, Beresford; 5. Kyle Nordquist, Beresford; 6. Greg Roemen, Ellsworth, Minn.; 7. Jim Petterson, Madison; 8. Clint Potter, Crooks.

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