Wetzstein, Krauskopf, Jones, Cline, Anderson top Kabrick Distributing Great American Stock Car Challenge
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July 3, 2008

In USRA Karl Chevrolet Stock Car action, Decorah's Kurt Krauskopf nabbed the checkered flag and the $1,000 that went along with it.

CRESCO, Iowa - Steve Wetzstein, Kurt Krauskopf, Matt Jones, Adam Cline and Dillon Anderson picked up the victories Thursday night as the Cresco Speedway hosted the 5th Annual Kabrick Distributing Great American Stock Car Challenge.

Steve Wetzstein, from West Concord, Minn., topped a stout field of USRA Modifieds to pick up the $1,000 top prize, with Zack VanderBeek, Ryan Dolan, Ryan York and Ron Konkel rounding out the top-5 finishers.

In USRA Karl Chevrolet Stock Car action, Decorah's Kurt Krauskopf nabbed the checkered flag and the $1,000 that went along with it. Tom Schmitt, Kevin Bidne, Kevin Donlan and Tory Reicks finished second through fifth, respectively.

Waukon's Matt Jones captured the $400 victory in the USRA Karl Chevrolet B-Mod main event, while Jimmy Broszeit finished second. Brian Schrage, Koal Deering and Brian Freilinger completed the top-5 finishers.

Adam Cline of Decorah topped the $400-to-win USRA Hobby Stock feature, with Scott Spilde taking the runner-up paycheck. Danny Thrasher was third, Don Nunnikhoven took fourth and Dan Sacquitne crossed the finish line in fifth place.

Outlaw Hobby honors went to Dillon Anderson of Decorah, who held off Kyle Falck, Ben Moudry, Matt Buddenberg and Pete Solum for the win.

Action at the Howard County Fairgrounds speedplant will continue next Friday, July 11, as Decorah's Viking Honda presents the USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series featuring USRA Modifieds, USRA Karl Chevrolet Stock Cars, USRA Karl Chevrolet B-Mods, USRA Hobby Stocks and Outlaw Hobbys. Also on the racing card will be the Faster Pastor races.

Pit gates open at 5 p.m. and grandstand tickets go on sale at 5:30. Hot laps begin at 7:15 and the mud starts flying at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, contact the RL Promotions offices at (515) 832-6000 or visit www.rlpromotions.com online. Race day info is available by calling the track hotline at (563) 547-3400. The Cresco Speedway is located 0.2 miles north of SR 9 on SW 7th (at the Howard County Fairgrounds).

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USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series
Cresco Speedway, Cresco, Iowa
5th Annual Kabrick Distributing Great American Stock Car Challenge
Thursday, July 3, 2008

1. 71 Adam Cline, Decorah
2. 18 Scott Spilde, Ridgeway
3. 84 Danny Thrasher, Agency
4. 5n Don Nunnikhoven, Sully
5. 6 Dan Sacquitne, Decorah
6. 38s Nick Schwebach, Caledonia, Minn.
7. 56h Brandon Hare, Elma
8. 85 Jason McDaniel, Eldon
9. 01 Kory Adams, Stacyville
10. 77 Josh Smith, Elma
11. 101 Bernie Adams, Stacyville
12. 31 Dale Porter, Pulaski
13. 20 Justin Bigler, Decorah
14. 8 Justin Kupka, Decorah
15. 7k Andy Stinson, Ridgeway
16. 55 Derek Dettmann, Monona
17. 3 Kyle Frye, Decorah
18. 98 Kyle Anderson, Decorah
19. 17 Troy Lensing, Calmar

1. 23 Matt Jones, Waukon
2. 88x Jimmy Broszeit, Postville
3. 14 Brian Schrage, Cresco
4. 1d Koal Deering, Postville
5. 7 Brian Freilinger, Decorah
6. 23b Brett Bumgardner, Hawkeye
7. 4 Troy Hovey, Decorah
8. 1 Jeff Krambeer, Postville
9. 15x Paul Howard, Waukon
10. 10 Bryan Webb, Decorah
11. 20 Greg Mitchell, Decorah
12. 24 Tim Heins, Elkader
13. 64 Terry Quam, Decorah

1. 60 Kurt Krauskopf, Decorah
2. 18 Tom Schmitt, Independence
3. 62 Kevin Bidne, Decorah
4. 33d Kevin Donlan, Decorah
5. 27t Tory Reicks, Waucoma
6. 69 Jacob Ludeking, Decorah
7. 29 Matt Greiner, Washington
8. 37 Loren Kuennen, Ossion
9. 01i Mike Harward, Floris
10. 57v Mike VanGenderen, Newton
11. 5 Mike Bergan, Ridgeway
12. 97 Lynn Panos, Protivin
13. 25 Dan Jones, Waterville
14. 14m Brian Mahlstadt, Ionia
15. 1 Mark Lewis, Riceville
16. 9 Patty Fosaaen, Waukon
17. 14 Mike Krambeer, Postville
18. 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon
19. 15m Mitch Hovden, Decorah
20. 27p Shawn Peter, Mabel, Minn.
21. 52 Nathan Wood, Sigourney
22. 4ord Bob Sutherland, Blairsburg
23. 30 Ken Even, Waterloo
24. 12m Jake Neal, Omaha, Neb.

1. 90 Steve Wetzstein, West Concord, Minn.
2. 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon
3. 7x Ryan Dolan, Lisbon
4. 1r Ryan York, Racine, Minn.
5. 35k Ron Konkel, Caledonia, Minn.
6. 5w Darrin Walch, Postville
7. 49 Bob Timm, Rollingstone, Minn.
8. 14j Jake Neal, Omaha, Neb.
9. 12j Justin O'Brien, Volga
10. 35 Jeff Schluetter, New Hampton
11. 66 Dan Bohr, Decorah
12. 27s Jason Schlangen, Cresco
13. 70s Matt Sweeney, Waukon
14. 99 Josh Angst, Winona, Minn.

1. 44 Dillon Anderson, Decorah
2. 67 Kyle Falck, Decorah
3. 85 Ben Moudry, Protivin
4. 17b Matt Buddenberg, Decorah
5. 37s Pete Solum, Spring Grove, Minn.
6. 22t Neil Thesing, Oakdale, Minn.
7. 70s Steve Holthaus, Cresco
8. 41b Darin Balk
9. 48 Steven Christopher, Decorah
10. 70 Chris Hovden, Cresco
11. 41 Cody Henkes, Postville
12. 29 Cody Cook, Decorah
13. 55 Dennis Dettmann, Monona
14. 37c Casey Colsch, Eitzen
15. 8d Brad Darling, Mable, Minn.
16. 37 Carl Colsch, Eitzen, Minn.
17. 40 Austin Curtin, Waukon

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