Ragland snares USRA Modified checkers at Midway
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June 5, 2009  |  by Ronnie Williams

LEBANON, Mo. - The racing action Friday night was fast and action-packed with close to 70 race teams in the pits and tight action all night long.

Defending USRA Modified track champion Jamie Ragland took advantage of his front row pole position in leading all 20 laps and capturing his second feature win of the season.

Ragland had to withstand early challanges from Rustin Miller, then had a hard-charging Eric Hudson to overcome.

Hudson was moving quickly until a lap-14 caution seemed to slow his movement forward on the charge to the top spot.

Following Ragland and Hudson to the line were Miller, newcomer Brian Green and Donnie Fellers completing the top-5.

The USRA Modifieds are off next Friday as the Midway Speedway hosts the WOW Sprint Cars. USRA Modifieds will return on Friday, June 19.

For more information visit www.lebanonmidwayspeedway.com or call 417-594-0594.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Midway Speedway, Lebanon, Mo.
Friday, June 5, 2009


Feature: 1. Jamie Ragland, Lebanon; 2. Eric Hudson, Rolla; 3. Rustin Miller, Houston; 4. Brian Green, Pierce City; 5. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland; 6. Jason Hughes, West Plains; 7. Justin Neuman, Crocker; 8. Danny Cross, Lebanon; 9. Josh Hughes, West Plains; 10. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 11. Greg Hughes, West Plains; 12. Sam Petty, Niangua; DNS - Tony Moore, Lebanon.

Heat #1: 1. Hudson; 2. Neuman; 3. Ragland; 4. Fellers; 5. Josh Hughes; 6. Jason Hughes; DNS - Moore.

Heat #2: 1. Jackson; 2. Miller; 3. Green; 4. G. Hughes; 5. Cross; 6. Petty.

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