Hess wins second in-a-row at Osky
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August 16, 2000

by Scott Watson

OSKALOOSA, IA (Aug. 16, 2000) — Brandon Hess of Oskaloosa passed Bobby Greene of Tracy for the Hobby Stock feature lead on the tenth lap after Greene had led the previous three laps. Hess held off Greene the final two laps for his second victory in a row at Oskaloosa during the night sponsored by Mark May Mac Tools. Greene made a passing attempt on Hess on the final turn but was unsuccessful in the bid for the lead and had to settle for a second place finish. Jason Reed of Dallas finished in third place with Mark Wirth of Chariton in fourth.

Jeff Anderson of Atlantic made his way into the IMCA Stock Car feature lead on the third and led the field around the half-mile the remainder of the race for the victory. Mickey Kerr of Fairfield finished in second place with Mike Robinson of Moravia in third and Corey Stout of Oskaloosa in fourth.

Randy Schroder of Keswick and Mike Vermillion of What Cheer started in the front row of the IMCA Modified headliner and Vermillion made his way into the lead at the drop of the green with Schroeder falling into the second position. Vermillion led the first ten laps until Schroeder passed him for the lead on the eleventh lap. Schroeder led the final five laps for the victory with Vermillion finishing in second by a two car lengths. Danny Wallace of Des Moines worked his way through the field to finish in third and Roger Baxter of University Park finished in fourth.



Heat #1 - 1. Nicky Witt, Oskaloosa; 2. Randy Veldhuizen; 3. T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa.

Heat #2 - 1. Gene Tish, Deep River; 2. Brandon Hess, Oskaloosa; 3. Jason Reed, Dallas.

Heat #3 - 1. Robert Rupprecht, Oskaloosa; 2. Mark Wirth, Chariton; 3. Mike Shelton, Ottumwa.

Heat #4 - 1. Bobby Greene, Tracy; 2. Scott Buehneman, Keswick; 3. Bill Shipman, Oskaloosa.

B Main - 1. Brad Stephens, Bussey; 2. Travis Sherwood, Oskaloosa; 3. Brandon Bandstra, New Sharon.

Feature - 1. Hess; 2. Greene; 3. Reed; 4. Wirth; 5. Kris Walker, Oskaloosa; 6. Tish; 7. Shipman; 8. Rick VanDusseldorp, Oskaloosa; 9. Sherwood; 10. Shelton; 11. Witt; 12. Veldhuizen. 13. Stephens; 14. Buehneman; 15. Bud Maschmann, Malcom; 16. Criss; 17. Rick Langrebe, Sigourney; 18. Brad Tursic, Ottumwa; 19. Jared Curry, Fremont; 20. Larry Sample, Ottumwa.


Heat #1 - 1. Doug DeJong, Oskaloosa; 2. Ross McCombs, Oskaloosa; 3. Corey Stout, Oskaloosa.

Heat #2 - 1. Jeff Anderson, Atlantic; 2. Pat Surfus, Oskaloosa; 3. Brant Fuhs, Eldon.

Heat #3 - 1. Mickey Kerr, Fairfield; 2. Jim Brown, Fremont; 3. Brian Sterling, Rose Hill.

Heat #4 - 1. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 2. Mike Robinson, Moravia; 3. Bob Crouse, New Sharon.

B Main - 1. Howard Gordon Jr., New Sharon; 2. Eric Fullenkamp, Eldon; 3. Dave Wilson, Ottumwa.

Feature - 1. Anderson; 2. Kerr; 3. Robinson; 4. Stout; 5. Pinkerton; 6. Wade Francis, Eddyville; 7. Gordon; 8. DeJong; 9. Brian Edel, Oskaloosa; 10. Crouse; 11. Surfus; 12. Fullenkamp; 13. Michael McClure, Bloomfield; 14. McCombs; 15. Bill Redlinger, Richland; 16. Wilson; 17. Don Sanders, Ottumwa; 18. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 19. Travis Hansaker, Melcher; 20. Fuhs.


Heat #1 - 1. Randy Schroeder, Keswick; 2. Mike Vermillion, What Cheer; 3. Jeff Kropf, Ottumwa.

Heat #2 - 1. Troy Folkerts, Albia; 2. Mike Kaller, Highland Center; 3. Danny Wallace, Des Moines.

Feature - 1. Schroeder; 2. Vermillion; 3. Wallace; 4. Roger Baxter, University Park; 5. Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 6. Mark Mundell, Ottumwa; 7. Kropf; 8. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 9. Dave Farren Jr., Des Moines; 10. Todd Holman, Ottumwa; 11. Bill Barber, Osceola; 12. Tim Gannon, Des Moines; 13. Ken Squires, Albia; 14. Tim Nelson, Osceola; 15. Greg Cox, Altoona; 16. Kaller; 17. Folkerts.

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